Monday, January 16, 2006

The Big Debate!!!

Iran is going to hold a International Science Conference to debate the authenticity of the Holocaust. US, Europe and the hot potato Isreal must be furious. How dare Iran? A nation run by clerics. Soft-spoken, robed, turbanned shiite Muslims! Do they have the prerogative to question the holocaust? Holocaust was real. It is THE Gospel. Anything against Holocaust, Isreal, Zionists or their wrong-doing is simply anti-semitic. You may holler against Jesus, drain copies of Qu'ran down the gutter in Guntanamo bay, Carpet-bomb marriage parties in Afghanistan but mind you, nothing against the gospel. Period!

Ironical, Isn't it? The Europeans and Americans pride to call themselves the champions of true democracy. Of free press, freedom of speech, liberty and expression. Yet they run scared of an academic discourse. They recently jailed David Irving, a noted Holocaust revisionist and historian in Austria because he denies the holocaust. Irving is a celebrated author of Hitler’s War and Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden. Public denial of the Holocaust is a criminal offence in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland, and is punishable by fines and jail sentences. Call it the Freedom of Expression!!!

Holocaust revisionists -- academics and experts who dub holocaust as an over-exxageration --include Harry Elmer, Barnes, James J. Martin. Paul and Rassinier to name a few. Internationally reputed organisations like the Institute of Historical Review supports holocaust revisionism. Joining issue, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad recently remarked that Holocaust was "a myth" that had been promoted to defend Israel.

For once, I don't want to mitigate the suffering of the Jews preceding WW-II. I believe holocaust did take place. May be, the jews like to exaggerate it a tad. Six million dead. They don't agree with another figure. I align more with the position of Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky. Both reverned scholars believe that holocaust did happen but was exploited for all the wrong reasons.

The Iranian prez is making a good point: On the pretext of the killing of Jews in Europe, are they supporting the aggression and massacres [of Israel]? Holocaust, even if it happened -- and it did -- was an European affair. Did the collective European guilt led to the formation of Isreal? And the widespread brutalities committed by the Isreali's on the poor Palestinians. An already oppressed people are not supposed to annihilate another hapless people. And throw them out of their lands. Kill them. Maim them. Pillage them. Rape them. De-face them. Humiliate them. Repeatedly.

What's the difference between Adolf Hitler and Mosche Dyan? Between Hermann Göring and Ariel Sharon? Between Joseph Goebells and Ehud Barak? Hitler obiletrated the Czech villages of Luddite! Sharon engineered the Sabra and Shatila massacre of Palenstians in Lebanon. The Nazis punished a whole lot of innocent persecuted European jewry. The Isreali Defence Army (IDA) is exactly doing the same to an innocent, persecuted, Arab population. And that is despite having grabbed 80% of the original land of Palestinians. And controlling rest of the 20%, for which the poor folks are fighting it out with Isreal -- a clandestine nuclear nation.

Ahmedinejad may be positioning. Deflecting world attention. We know that for a fact. Isreal can't be wiped off. It was created out of guilt by Europe and US with Great Britian playing the midwife. That is history. Balfour declaration established the state of Isreal. It was a bastard-child. Now even Hitler was the same, born out of wedlock. The similarities simply don't seem to cease.

Mr prez however has a valid point: True, Holocaust is not a myth. It's emotional handling is. Its gross misuse is. Justification of crimes against humanity is, using the shield of holocaust is the biggest scandal, the biggest piece of fiction!

  • The picture is real TV footage shot by French channel 2, in Sep 2000 and shows a Palestinian kid Al-Durra being protected by his father Mr. Jamal, while Isreali army continue to spray bullets on them. Moments later the child was dead on his father's lap. French Journalist, Mr. Charles Enderlin who shot the footage later said he cut 27 minutes of rushes. "I cut the child's death throes. It was too unbearable", Enderlin added.

    sameer bhat


Kathy Simons, New Orleans said...

Now that is what you call an honest piece. I agree with a debate on holocaust. Let all sides talk and let the people decide what's real. Btw: The Isreali attrocities on Palestinians are racist.

Benjamin said...

How can you forget Auswitch. Holocaust is a reality and can't be mopped under a carpet. Although I liked the tenor of your write up, I cant agree with your text.

Benjamin said...

How can you forget Auswitch. Holocaust is a reality and can't be mopped under a carpet. Although I liked the tenor of your write up, I cant agree with your text.

Benjamin said...

How can you forget Auswitch. Holocaust is a reality and can't be mopped under a carpet. Although I liked the tenor of your write up, I cant agree with your text.

Derrick Stanley, Poland said...

Dear writer: By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed by the Nazis. 1.5 million children were murdered. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of handicapped children.

The Holocaust is a history of horror and sorrow. Ahmedinejad is fearing an attack and hence trying to divert world's attenstion

Wan said...

I personally liked your write up. I have read Chomsky and Norman on the issue.

Can the holocaust-factory reason:
>Judging by the amount and area of the gas chambers, and the number of the Kremas, it was impossible to kill 6 million people in the time interval in which the concentration camps existed.
>If millions were killed, where is their ash, bones etc.
>How come eye witnesses to the gassings survived? Why didn't the Nazis kill them?

Barry Shaw said...

I am an Isreali and feel deeply disturbed by the increasing clout of holocaust deniers, how can you deny such humungous attrocities against mankind. What is happening in Palestine is alltogether different. The palestitians are terrorists and we are fighting them out.

Jeremy Lane said...

I abhor people who hide like the proverbial turkey. In a free world, each of us has a right to question and ask pertinent queries. I like the overall drift of your piece and believe you have a splendid arguement here. Very well written.

ELVYNE said...

Three things I wanted to point out. Iranians are themselves responsible for terrible human rights tragedies, so ahmedinejisad is no saint. Second, majority of historians opine that holocaust was for real and is no exxageration. Third, you argue your points like a knife slices through butter. I recommend you read others too before writing on such issues.

Raashid Al-Sujek said...

I am yemen-based. what is happening in palestine is responsibility of UN. Isreal must be held responsible for committing crimes of worst kind. why two standards. Gd piece

Alferd said...

My name is Prof Alferd D Ross. I teach at the City University, London. I was checking up some information and randomly chanced across your blog. I very much liked your piece on Isreal. To my matrix, the Jewish nation is doing no good to the cause of its being. It has failed the very ideas it was created for.