Friday, April 07, 2006

It is still America

My fav composition on US of A. Albeit I oppose the US foreign policy, I can never stop loving what America stands for -- Liberty, Freedom and Equality.

Big cities, small towns
Pent homes, farmhouse
Ghetto, Park Avenue
Public, private
It matters not
It is still America

City streets, hiking trails
Montana, California
Models, hillbillies
Near, far
It matters not
It is still America

Wartime, peace
Torrent, drought
Terror, security
Together, alone
It matters not
It is still America

Southern nights, northern lights
County campsites, city hotels
Warm weather, cold climates
East, west
It matters not
It is still America

National parks, monuments
Countryside or metropolis
Right wing, left wing
Pacific, Atlantic
It matters not
It is still America
And always
Will Be



Alec said...

thats a lovely poem

Laurent, 52, Talahasee, US said...

Agree with you, sam. US foreign policies are harming Us interests and making people hate us but I guess u captured the essense of US beautifully.

have u lived in the US?


cassey said...

gd words. covers the entire american expanse!


Samir Bhat said...

Readers are advised to kindly refrain from using offensive language in their comments. I'd to delete a particular comment because of some tawdry -- and abusive -- words used here against the USA .

While I respect different view points, you must be mature enough in your arguement and try and behave civilised.