Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hate Mail

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.
Dale Carnegie. United States educator (1888-1955)

I began by creating my own space. This was when my entire band of friends -- in Lower Manhattan, Clare Market and Houghton Street were contriving to log-onto the newest technological marvel -- Weblog! I stopped talking to my good old dairy. Suddenly I was tuned into a medium that made me express myself to the whole world. (Or whoever cared to read me). Not long after, my fav New York Times had competition. Alternate media, as hacks began to call the now-famous blogs.

Blogs come in all shapes and cuts. Stupid to absurd to personal to political. Some jot about food. Others feel obsessed about sex. Yet others doodle philosophy. I decided to keep mine eclectic -- mixed for those who don't like philosophical digresses. At first only my pals read me. Soon after completely strange people started stopping by -- visiting my blog -- occassionally dropping comments. Bland to Buck-up types. Frankly, I never expected any feedback. I only smile when I see my friends' drop by. I am woefully choosy and hate undue attention.

After some nice and not-so-nice comments, a barrage of hate comments followed. In newspaper lingo we call it hate-mail. Often seen as a positive sign. I reckon, some netizens can't simply stomach my space. I am not surprised. Susan Sarandon, the academy award winning American actress is net-stalked these days because of her political views. I occassionally like to jibe George Bush and must have slammed Isreal a couple of times in these pages.

True, debate and dissent is part of the democratic world but offensive jargon. Swear-words. Dumb, inerudite small-talk. Unacceptable. I guess one learns how to keep the tasteless blokes off your space. I am not for positive signs.

In hindsight, nothing can take away my love of literature from me. I will continue to scribble. And a small caveat to the gate-crashers: This is my kitchen, if you can't stand the heat, Get out.



Jim Boggia said...

Well thought piece. I can only say that I love your space. That is because you have kept it so crisp and decent.

All the best.

Akriti Jain said...

Plz keep blogging. I read a few newspapers, my sisters emails and your blog almost on a daily basis.


Harry said...

Hey, man thats is a gd piece.
I was busy back-packing. Am back. Read some really nice write-ups you did in the last week.

sam fan said...

Thats more like it Sam,
keep it up.


Barry, Westminister said...

That is one hella write-up. I envy your way with words, man.


Simran, 37, Mumbai said...

great job mate.keep posting.
take care and be blessed.

Laurent, 52, Talahasee, US said...

Great Guts!

Sam, I love reading you.

max, Mississipi said...

We don't have many bloggers around who are as lucid as this one and thats my objective observation.


Hanny, Johhanesberg said...

True many hackers and disgrunted people check highly-rated blogs and try to deface them. I agree with you, we need to keep these cretins off the space.