Saturday, March 17, 2007

Waiting for Hope

Whatever is a cruel wrong,
Whatever is unjust,
The honest years that speed along
Will trample in the dust.

~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox, It All Will Come Out Right.

It is an old tale from the Holy land. It is playing up yet again. It is about collective insensitivity of the entire world. The games powerful play with the powerless. The sheer peccability of it. The saga has many layers to it. Isreal's relentless aggression. Palestinian impudence. Defiant people prefering to sell their wedding rings, rather than stand in queues for UN doles. Their unstudied tears still proud. The sobs don’t bestir souls anymore. Poor, innocent folks – Palestinians -- driven out of their homes, boxed into outlying areas, outside the great Israeli Barrier. In a land, they once called their own. It defies sense, if any of that is still left intact. Shutting out three million people. Such is the texture of human mistrust. Period.

I won’t bog you down with hard stats or historicity of the middle-eastern problem. If it interests you – like me – you can do a quick google to check the exact figures. What perhaps appalls me the most is the nature of this senseless outrage. Reuters reported yesterday that harsh economic crisis in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory has now reduced many people to penury so severe they are trading in their wedding jewelry to make ends meet. Pity! They would like to make a sharp movie with such a script in the Hollywood. The only hindrance -- may be -- is this: It is not Nazi Germany -- by definition no holocaust -- and it is happening now!

The barrier being erected by Israel is an illegal, desperate attempt to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security. Not only does it violate international law, it is seen by many worldwide to have a direct effect to pre-empt – and undermine – a final status negotiation. Worse it severely restricts Palestinians, particularly their ability to travel freely and work. It is ruining their lives, undermining their economy and driving them further down the abyss. Alistair Lyon, Special Correspondent, Reuters, met a Palestinian lady, who quipped, ' I couldn't go to my cousin's wedding because we couldn't afford a gift,' a rueful smile crossing her pale face, framed by a headscarf. Another simple pleasure yanked out of an ordinary person’s life!

The United Nations – as expected -- has expressed serious concern at the Israeli continuation of barrier construction, which it believes violates international law. That is it. That is what the UN can do. Speak up a little for the defenseless. It can’t say any further, lest the US ambassador to the UN gets upset and walks away. From my interest in all things international – I can tell u – the UN chief can’t sleep properly, were such a thing to happen. So, the International Committee of the Red Cross says that the Israeli barrier 'causes serious humanitarian and legal problems' and goes "far beyond what is permissible for an occupying power". So what? Doesn’t matter.

I wish there was hope, a Palestinian gentleman says in the Reuters report. We must never deprive someone of hope... it may be all they have, I doodle.

God bless us all.



Timothy, East London said...

Eye opening, stylish, splendid write-up. I thank you for such incredible, scholarly write-ups

Anonymous said...

Isreal has again shown that it is a racist country, which has crossed all limits of human dignity.

It is a nice write up and highly redeable. I am proud of u

Dr GH Mattoo

Sandra, 27, Univ of Michigan said...

Beautiful, poetic and a very very sharp take on global affairs.


Gazanfar A said...

Isreali aggression in the Palestinian areas is completely uncalled for. It has been carrying out these attrocities despite UN resolutions and international law.

Gazanfar A, HT

Aliya, Lahore said...

Thank you sameer for articulating something so real. I also feel the pain and was amazed to see the beauty with which you described what humans beings have to go through in the so-called MODERN times.

Plz write more on human-rights issues.

May Allah bless you.

Aliya, 25
Aitchison College, Lahore

Suzzane said...

The UN has passed numerous resolutions against Isreal with regards to its brutal use of force and aggression in Palestine. I think the US has no moral authority to threaten Iran with UN sanctions when Isreal blatantly violates such resolutions.



Tanseer said...

Hi Sam,Good to have you back,keep writing,really we love to read you and appreciate the way you present global affairs.

Azmat said...

Samy!!Understanding the Unexpected ....Beautiful way of Expressing Our Emotions...I love your poetic way of Expressing things and thoughts that make relations so Complicated....Love you..