Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hostile Hearts

In Gaza, Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered the town of Beit Hanoun on Wednesday. A shell was fired toward a group of people between two houses, killing four, hospital doctors said. The total death toll in two days is 11, mostly civilians.
~ Agence France-Presse (AFP) September 27, 2007.

There is no letting up in the world’s most intense, passionate, well-entrenched, supported, hated, divisive, gruesome continuous conflict. By all accounts it is only exacerbating. Israel, the grizzled bully pounding the poor Gazans – once again -- after declaring the territory ‘Hostile’. Conspicuously every time there is a corruption charge against an Israeli leader [Ehud Olmert, the PM faces fraud charges currently] or a new thuggish defense minister wants to prove he is tough [Ex-PM and strongman Barak is Israel’s new Defense minister], the Palestinians end up paying the high price. Recently when Moshe Katsav [former Israel President] left office in disgrace after facing rape charges; for once there was no threat of a diabolical Israeli jet ravaging a few dozen Palestinian villages. The President’s post is thankfully symbolic in Israel.

One is forced to let out a gasp. Is it the same set of people, whose supporters swooped upon the visiting Iranian Prez in US, only two days back, grilling him for questioning Holocaust? My buddy – whom I spoke to last night in New York – interpreted it thus: Sam, “This community [Jewish] has suffered a lot during the run up to WW-II. One cannot afford to say that we need to revise Holocaust. It has been genocide.” Period.

My friend was perhaps being only geo-politically realistic. In the US they call it political realism. But should this realism provide a smokescreen to Israel to perpetuate wanton bloodshed in Palestine. The neoclassical realists of the world perhaps need to explain: Why does it not amount to genocide when the same touch-me-nots trample upon other people’s dignity, in full world attention and kill at will? May be we could dub it petite genocide, so that the Europeans may also understand.

A week back the Zionist state decided to declare Gaza hostile [Transliterated it means we are gonna go in and kill these folks and since we know no one can object, we just thought we should inform, lest the sudden increase of body count comes as a surprise]. Almost immediately Ms Rice [plastic smile always intact] said that US will not abandon the innocent Palestinians. [Source: CBS] Madame knew what was coming and added that albeit Hamas is an enemy to US also, the poor Gazans won’t be forsaken. In less than a week, Israel has cut electricity, water, communication and fuel supplies to the coastal strip. Close to a dozen people have already lost their lives. Palestinians have been forsaken, yet again. After all it is the holy land, where Jesus of Nazareth was also forsaken on the cross, more than 2000 years ago. No surprises here.

The current Israeli onslaught, we are told, is the result of firing of home made Qasam rockets into Israel from Gaza. Brazenly provocative. The Institute for Middle East Understanding says that the culmination of five months of killing by Israeli soldiers saw the number of dead so far at 382 Palestinians with 1,229 injured. In the same period, Palestinian rocket fire killed one Israeli. In the flawed arithmetic’s of the modern, civilized world, firing homemade rockets [which create a psychological scare to Israeli’s living near the Palestinian border], is terrorism. Severely punishing the Gazan population by completely cutting it off from the outside world [for electing a democratic government in 2006, which Israel doesn't like] and forcing it into extreme poverty, making it humiliatingly dependent on international aid, is state policy.
Terrorism/State policy. Tomato Ketch-up/Guillotine.

As a young Palestinian told a foreign news agency recently, “We are helpless, tossing these rockets -- which we know won’t really harm them -- is our way of telling them: May you also lose sleep in some imaginary alarm”. That is like a werewolf lording around a field, pouncing on leverets, which knowing they can’t fight the carnivore, throw carrots at it, tied to rocks. Almost 1.5 million Palestinians have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.




AK Jha said...

You have a thorough understanding of world afairs and you write very well.

AK Jha

Nathan US said...

Do we really want to see 1.5 million people scrabbling for food in the garbage dumps, people withering away as diseases begin to spread into an epidemic and the descent into chaos as absolute desperation forces the people to grab at anything for survival.
Israel's actions are a shame.

Ahlem Tabbasum said...

Beautiful. As I have said before you almost poetically express the outrage and anger, that we all feel at these double standards of the powers that be.

Ahlem Tabbasum
Karachi, Pakistan

KASHUR said...

Thanks bro.
can i have your mail id.
Yours is also a nice blog with eyeopening content inside.
keep on writing

Bro I am outside my paradise. If possible can we meet somewhere in Srinagar next month as i might return to celebrate eid among my brethren.

Tabinda said...

Israel is breaking all UN resolutions in the occupied territories. It is important for all people with a sense of morality to condemn Isaeli aggression.

Tabinda khair

Yussy said...

Isael's actions are justified. It is concerned about its security

Koshur said...

Excellent post my friend.

Johanathan said...

Whats happening in the mid-east is an repudiation of the west's justice/equality crap.