Thursday, December 06, 2007

To Tee or not to Tee

NIE comes out with a fresh report:
Iran does not have a WMD program

Bush and his war gang are in a moral dilemma. Their immediate war plans are scuttled. 'Damn those spies - John Bolton, the mustachioed neo-con seethes in Washington post'. The war scads are frantically looking for newer excuses.

It is a screwy world we inhabit. Some bizarre rules apply. Nations are classrooms. America is the headmaster. A beautiful, windswept nation [Everyone is aware]. And the only country in the world to be condemned by the International Court of Justice for perpetuating terrorism [Nicaragua 1984; No one cares]. And it is quick to label other countries terror-sponsors but mum is the word on its own diabolical archives. You can’t be sagely matter-of-the-fact in a skewed world. You can’t put things right but you can try and put the record straight. Here is a little tale which might surprise you a tad. You may read the contents, think about it a bit. And then smirk a second – at the grotesquely absurd arithmetic’s of the modern civilized world.

A treaty called the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons or NPT was introduced by the headmaster in 1968. It was put forth for a very kind and peaceful purpose. All those who would sign up were supposed to abide by three main parameters:

1) No more nukes
2) Eventually reduce whatever nukes exist
3) Right to peacefully use nuclear technology

That’s not all. A nuclear weapon state (NWS), who is signatory to the NPT, was not expected to transfer "nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices" and not in any way to share, assist, encourage or induce other country [Article One, NPT].

Very noble. The world should have been a happy place but why is it glum. The sad part is that is the treaty didn’t take off as expected. Here is the reason why:

Most countries lined up to sign. Like Schoolchildren [After all the headmaster told them] 189 countries are signatories to the NPT, five of which are nuclear weapon countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China. Explained it means if you are not the B-5 [Big 5] you can’t have a nuke. So far, so good.

But there is a leeway: You can decide not to sign the NPT or sign up and then walk out of NPT and go bang-bang. So India, Pakistan and Israel are not part of NPT and have developed nuclear weapons. North Korea walked out and detonated a nuke.

Since Iran has signed up, it can’t have a nuke as per the NPT statutes. Iran has however decided to have a civilian nuclear program [under the NPT, a country has the right to enrich its own fuel for civil nuclear power, under inspection from the International Atomic Energy Agency]. But since US doesn’t like Iran [that’s another bully story of the headmaster], it allows sanction after sanction against the country.

Now the funny part. [Article One, mockery]

The U.S. had nuclear warheads targeted at North Korea, a non-NWS state, from 1959 until 1991 in contravention of NPT. Ex UK Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, explicitly invoked the possibility of the use of the country's nuclear weapons in response to a non-conventional attack [Against the treaty rules]. In January 2006, President Chirac of France indicated that an incident of state-sponsored terrorism on France could trigger a small-scale nuclear retaliation aimed at destroying the power centers [Violating the NPT]. Critics argue that the US and UK have broken the treaty by transferring nuclear technology from one to another.

The funnier it gets [NIE report]

Dec 2007 first week, the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) [A group of 16 top U.S. intelligence agencies, NIE prepares classified documents for US policymakers] comes out with a report stating that Iran -- probably -- did once have a plan to develop a nuclear weapon but has stopped all its bomb programs since 2003. The country presently has no nuke plan.

According to the BBC world, the assessment is genuine, based on a wide range of intelligence sources. These include interceptions of high value communications, technical information from the International Atomic Energy Agency [the UN body inspecting Iran's declared nuclear facilities] and even detailed analysis of TV footage from Iran's enrichment plant.

US now says that the mere knowledge of how to make a bomb makes Iran a threat. This is like saying, as Monk puts it, "Well, we know that the Chinese have a very sizable military. Even though they haven't mobilized it in any way, they could one day spontaneously decide to do it, and furthermore, against us. Therefore, they are dangerous heartless people bent on killing our women and children, and we should start a war with them."

Bush may have to temporarily put his World War III plans on hold until he finds the next excuse to get Iran's oil fields. By the way -- on Oct 17, 2007 -- President George Bush warned the world that a nuclear-armed Iran "would be intolerable and could very well plunge humanity into a third world war." [How embarrassing is that?]

The funniest part [Bush remarks]

You know the NIE report, just proves how bad Iran has been?

School headmaster: “You once had plans to fill your bags with rocks huh! My spies tell me’.

Student: But Sir, “I dropped the idea long back.” Am now carrying only schoolbooks in my bag’. And, Sir, how about your kind selectively abusing the NPT and your pals Israel-India-Pakistan already having those dreaded bombs?

Headmaster: Enough, you naughty lad, you were, you are and you will be dangerous.
[Iran was, is and will be dangerous: Bush, Post-NIE report] Source: Radio Holland

Matter dismissed.