Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Wolf and the Lamb

After a heart-filled lunch, the old wolf, still licking its pointed teeth, slowly walks away. In three days of wild orgy, it has left more than a hundred dead. Many more were bruised beyond recognition. The beast gouged open the innards of an infant tenderly sleeping in her mother’s lap. It pounced on everything that walked. There was cold sweat and it was creepy. The animal howled in joy. Then faint murmurs came from a distance. The wily wolf had enough for the day. Swiftly, it paced back to its pad.

Israel, the modern day version of wolf -- straight from Aesop’s fables -- has just carried out a bloody blitzkrieg in Gaza, Palestine. And, like always the Zionist state will get away with it. By the bye Israel incriminates the Palestinians for launching homemade rockets in the Negev desert. And by now we all know who fires these crude salvos and why. The truth is that all of fourteen Israelis have been killed [abominable, no doubt] by the rockets since Palestinian resistance began firing them in 2001, while approximately 125 Palestinians were killed in the last few days alone. Nearly 5,000 Palestinian men, women and children have been killed since 2000.

It's grossly disproportional," Geoffrey Binder, a leading expert on international humanitarian law in London, told Reuters, about Israeli incursion and its use of excessive force in Gaza. As allegories go, like the wolf, Israel comes quietly, runs amok, tramples ordinary folks, drinks blood and kills innocents by the dozen. It doesn’t leave till it quenches its thirst. The monster, they say, is crazy once it tastes blood. It wants more.

The Israel cabinet is comprised of a bunch of far-right hawks. All blood hounds. During a recent cabinet session, Meir Sheetrit, the minister of Interior, enlightened thus: ‘Exactly what I think the [Israeli army] should do [is] decide on a neighborhood in Gaza and level it.’ So simple. That is the state policy. A part of the same policy is continuation of the dehumanizing economic blockade of Gaza. This weekend the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Palestine was compelled to issue a statement, ‘Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip has created the worst humanitarian crisis since the Israeli occupation began in 1967.’

The erudite columnist Rami Almeghari underlines in the latest issue of the widely read EI: Though he may have passed on, the words of deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat ring ever true thirty years since he uttered them: "Those who call us terrorists wish to prevent world public opinion from discovering the truth about us and from seeing the justice on our faces. They seek to hide the terrorism and tyranny of their acts, and our own posture of self-defense."

The little lamb, after all, drinks downstream. It cannot, for all practical reasons, pollute the wolf’s share, because the beast is drinking upstream.