Friday, May 16, 2008

Hope lives on!

Sixty years after the ethnic people of Palestine were driven away from their homes by Zionists, Palestinians continue to struggle. Strewn across harsh deserts and refugee camps, the gallant people of Palestine still hold the keys to their old homes in Jerusalem. Two new generations have been born in exile since the Al-Nakba [The catastrophe] but the hope to return lives on...!

Palestinian kids are killed each passing day in Gaza and West Bank. People queue overnight for a mere food hand-out. Women are routinely kicked around at Israeli check-points. The displaced Palestinians continue to live a miserable existence. It is endless agony and hardship. Cold nights with no fuel to warm. Pain. Yet a shimmer of hope floats. Call it defiance. Resistance. Human spirit.

They shall return some day, to their home, heart and hearth.

An elderly Palestinian lady shows the keys to her home in Israel, 60 years after she and her family were thrown out by the occupying Zionists.

The third generation: Hope lives on. Palestine burns bright in tender eyes.

Candle-light: Palestine, the banner reads. That says it all.

I shall return again; I shall return
To laugh and love and watch with wonder-eyes
At golden noon the forest fires burn,
Wafting their blue-black smoke to sapphire skies.
I shall return to loiter by the streams
That bathe the brown blades of the bending grasses,
And realize once more my thousand dreams
Of waters rushing down the mountain passes.
I shall return to hear the fiddle and fife
Of village dances, dear delicious tunes
That stir the hidden depths of native life,
Stray melodies of dim remembered runes.
I shall return, I shall return again,
To ease my mind of long, long years of pain.