Saturday, January 10, 2009

The desert monster

The desert monster has – in all possibility – gone mad now. It looks awful but fierce. Its phosphorus smelling teeth are knife-like and blood-stained. Reports pouring in late suggest that the beast likes to feast on children and women [perhaps such blood is candy-coated and crimson red]. Men are devoured too – in great numbers. Close to a fortnight after the rampage began, the monster continues to act nasty.

The creature is Israel. For more than two weeks it rained hell-fire missiles on Gaza, killing anything that walked, never flunking to call it a justified act in its ‘defense’. Now it is behaving plain ugly. Some of the worst human rights incidents have come to light in the last two days. One seriously wonders if the current crop of Israelis has really descended from the victims and survivors of Auschwitz. The Nazis were savage. History will be no kinder to Zionists.

The tales emerging from Gaza [where Israel continues to ban foreign media; Freedom of speech drivel applies to Iran alone] are horrific -- to say the least. Emergency teams have found toddlers, barely able to crawl, crying by the corpse of their dead mother in a bombed-out home in Gaza. The Red Cross is not pleased. ICRC boss in Israel and Palestine Pierre Wettach says that Israeli military was aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they try to make it possible for Red Cross or Red Crescent to assist the wounded. The desert monster is unmoved.

In another outrageous instance a group of Palestinian civilians were asked to leave their homes by the Israelis. They were herded into a UN complex, which was designated safe. Soon after, the drone of fighter jets was heard. GBU-39 precision-guided bombs rained. Moments later all the non-combatants were dead. UN says it had passed on coordinates to Israel and marked the building with a UN flag. Yet the monster blared.

Independent media reporting from inside Gaza write that Israeli forces have been firing phosphorus shells over densely populated areas, violating international law -- by deliberately inflicting blazes on civilians. F-16 aircrafts are making ultra low-altitude strikes in Gaza, causing sonic booms in an attempt to terrify the citizens. Children and women are especially freaked out. The beast grins.

The UN meantime is watching helplessly. Israel won’t relent. It has influential friends. The president of the General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann and the Special Rapporteur for Occupied Palestine, Richard Falk [an American Jewish academic] have shown spunk. They continue to talk in strong voices. Today Navi Pillay, UN’s most senior human rights official said that the Israeli military may have committed War Crimes in Gaza.

Gaza, an area of 139 sq miles, was illegally occupied [along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem] by Israel in 1967. It was placed under military boots till 2005. Israel continued to squeeze and encircle it till 2008. Now it bombs its frightened citizens – in full world view. The assault – both aerial as well armored – is inhuman.

But when have monster’s being human?