Sunday, June 24, 2001

My good old chum

An voice came and touched me fine
A loving chum came on the line
Heard him after a long while
Felt the flowers and waters smile
His knock stirred some divine streak
I remembered our 'hide and seek'
I missed the loving times.
Those dulcet school rhymes
The oddity, that love, those paths
I recollected our impish baths
My friend... the same he
Despite his pelf
The same countenance
That real self
My beats flutter, his do throb
Thy sweet memories make me sob
You'll be there, in my thoughts
I pine for the love you exude in lots.

Sameer Bhat

Friday, June 22, 2001

Tryst in the Air

A sweet rendevous, that never materialized

I was all jovial
I don't know why
Someone kept me merry
Don't ask me who
A ferment held me high
Won't tell ye which
A tryst was in the air
Don't enquire where
A slick feeling touched me soft
Cannot explain what
The light didn't reach me
I don't know why

Sameer Bhat Jun 22, 2001

Sunday, June 10, 2001 vale!

My loving vale, what makes you cry
Why do your airs sigh
What ails thee mountains
What cessates ye fountains
How did the blossoms cease
And where is that morning breeze
Who set thy shrines aglow
And why doesn't your Jhelum flow
Aren't my pines lank.
And why did my devotion sank
None of those holidaying crows
And none of the bracing snows
Those joyful sweet songs
Are they replaced by our wrongs
That edifying birdie's chirping
Shadowed by the red's dripping
Our warm nuptial surges
Mellowed by the painful dirges
Shall cool zephyrs kiss ye again
Will groovy buds adorn ye again

Sameer Bhat