Monday, July 01, 2002

A war for Kashmir

Amidst a heightened threat of a war betwixt India and Pakistan

A comely piece of earth once grew
Apples, honey and love it brew
spotted gazelles hopped and sprung
Golden maids sang and flung
Elixir were the heavenly wafts
Myraid, its glinting crafts
Alas! evil cast a ghastly spell
that rang the deadmen's knell
Gaints twain locked their horns
Petals blew and left out thorns
Clouds of gloom loom so large
Mirths flee and trolls barge
One hollers, the other haggles
And an army lividly struggles
Bowels and blood, I do puke
Tell me, mate, who do they nuke
Is this a fight for peace
Or a battle for a forbidden land
why do our greys cease
After all, killing ain't that grand!

Sameer shaban