Thursday, January 01, 2004

2 thousand 4

2004. New year came to us beautifully. In an upmarket shopping mall, in a maddening crowd of young revelers. The ambience was surreal. Guys and gals swaying to melodious tunes, confetti raining from the far heavens, crackers adorning the night skies and a lot of laughter. I havn't seen so many nice faces together for a long time. DNKY's, Nike's and Swaroski's blended in an amazing sea of party-hoppers. Bewildered cars blew horns continually struggled for parking space in vain. All on a bitterly cold winter night in a city of ten million souls. All mirthful, all ready to embrace the comming year, forgetful of the little trouble that life is!

Once inside the multiplexes, lights in may varied hues hit us, me and my pals, all over. The crowd was ecstatic. After a protract spell, we shook our legs. The girls too dropped hair. Umpteen number of coffee mugs and countless jokes. I was laughing out loud in the dying moments of 2003. As the countdown for the new year began, a thousand hearts throbbed in unison. The air reeked of a festive spirit and loud cries of joy rented it as the newborn arrived at the stroke of midnite. With aplomb.

Looking back at the last year as it limped into wilderness, I had a few thoughts, I have found and lost hopes . Got some good friends and lost a few silly beliefs . Old bonds grew fonder. Around me... An immoral war, an unjust victory. Scams, deaths and conviction. A strong economy, some just acquittals and peace initiatives. Bush, Saddam and Musharaf haunted better part of the calendar that lies in trash-bin now.

Hope the tousled, ragged images of fallen kings would be spared in the times to come. Hope the economy gallops further. Hope some sense comes to our politicians. Hope we have more of KHNH's. Hope peace basks us for an eternity . Hope love blesses us! No resolutions, only heartfelt wishes.
Welcome Crica 2004