Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sweet looks

I haven't scribbled much on my webpage -- weblog, as some may like it -- for a couple of days. It was perhaps a little mix of my own inertness and work pressure that kept me from posting. In the meantime, there has been some refreshing change around my work place. A few new faces appeared in my office -- aspiring hacks -- and were quickly selected to take over the flame of journalism, forward. Fresh, out-of-college faces! Two guys and two gals. The lads are nice and gals beautiful; this particular bunch has spilled some refershing newness in an otherwise slack office. As good luck would have it, three of them are in the same hall level as I am, so I constantly get to see them smile at me, as I step in and out of my corner. Juniority necessitates some degree of reverence towards -- one-year senior-- chaps, as they say. I never believed in the maxim, until last week. Now I revel in the sudden respect.

My pick is a gal, who reminds me of Sharmila Tagore's daughter. Sizzlingly beautiful. She is in the new group. I don't know her name yet and I am not particularly dazzled by her. I love beautiful gals and intellegent humans and that is I surmise, only natural. Their laughter and verve has made the stale hall a vibrant bower and even the air conditioning plant is cooler. The whole summer, I thought the split-ac would not cool our cabins. The group puffs away like country-side chimneys, appealing and billowing away. They giggle like class-10 kids but the crisp uproar can only pass off as a welcome break. Covering energy -- petroleum and gas and what not -- and writing features as a business writer requires such ducky interludes.

My pals tell me that I have a dream innings at my present job. I have a great -- and somewhat easy -- regimen. I like my work. I know my contacts, I churn stories at will. I like my Boss. I have an amiable relation with him. We discuss gals. Not at a great length, though. I like to keep my space. We did talk about new babe on the block. Boss thinks she is good, I told him she rocks. Great bloke. I enjoy my talks with Vij, my fav in office. My days are good. I work, talk, read and jot. That is a lot in ten-hours. I keep myself occupied. Yeah, I chat in between also.

I am not in love with the trio or is it four-some. I just like the energy the young exude and yeah I like the subtle admirable pace of the new dove. I can't be hanged for that, I am sure!

Sameer Bhat

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How are you--Actually i tried your cell and gamil but you didnt reply--your new uploads suggest that you are doing fine and kicking-I am umar--you remember that lil chap that met you in delhi---iam still in kashmir and wish to meet you again--

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