Monday, November 14, 2005

Back to Square one

Mates, I am back and I am being a lil philosophical today. Bear me like this, for a while!

I was in a windswept land. It was cold but serene. They say it rained fire in the countryside and there are occassional booms, that takes the wit out of you but lucikly I saw none. I was too engrossed with myself to notice all that. I met some loving people. I have already known them. They are the reason, I continue to live and love.

I was also jilted -- poem expresses it -- by someone, I hadn't expected to. I took it. I can't say no to what life proffers. The courageous amongst us are those who fall down and get up. To start it over again. I still retain the beauty I feel beneath my skin. I still like the dreams, I lived through!

I am back to work. Day 1 was easy. Day two... the squeeze starts. I'll cope. I know Sam.

Till next time

sameer bhat

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