Monday, March 13, 2006

Love is.....!

love is not a color
love is not a game
love is just a feeling
love is really lame

love will make u smile
love will make u cry
love will make u confused
love will make u ask why

love is really stupid
love makes me wana die
love will come to an end
love will then make u cry



mehak said...

Beautiful poet/u write so well.

yana, bangalore said...

Love is all this and love is more.
Love is this/love is that.

nce blog

Hanny said...

I love the choice of your words. Superb. Touches of innocence mingled with artistry.

FRÍÐA (Reykjavik, Iceland) said...


A great blog. You are one the very few people who i have seen are in tune with all sorts of deep human emotions. You are very prolific and can very easily traverse from a political issue to an emotive feeling. Continue to remain true to yourself. We need more of your kind in the world. BTW, tell us a little bit more about your background and where you are based. I must say you are very cosmopolitan. Are you involved in any capacity as an activist? Thank you for introducing me to Arundhati Roy. Got to know her through your blog. Do you know her personally? I have told all my friends about your blog. So, get ready for seeing a long of traffic from Iceland.

Jim Boggia said...

The poetry is touching. The words piercing.

Excellent blog.

Samir Bhat said...

FRÍOA (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Thanks for your kind words. You can write to me on my email id

I'll definetly revert back to you!