Monday, November 20, 2006

This life

Life is a beautiful odyssey. It takes us to high seas and lowlands. Surprises us. Hurts us. Heals us. Takes our endurance to the tether and fastens it. Lets it go. We bump across with love on one of life's skewed nooks. We loathe life at its mercilessness. We thank it for our parents. Love it for our friends. We evolve as we sprint with time. Against it. We slog to meet deadlines and more dealines before life enters its dusk. We work to achieve greatness. Without realising that in reality a man's dreams are an index to his greatness. We often forget to pause and see if we miss something in this never-ending pursuit. Yet no one can be guillotined for it. Modern humans are wired that way. The footfalls continue.

Yet we dream, think, wish, miss, wonder, regret, cry, need and love.

I can’t speak for others. I know me.

I am thinking about:
promises that somehow get broken – always – by me!

I say,
Stupid. I love you. I mean the latter, never the former

I want to,
be at peace with myself, with the people around me...

I wish,
I had a cottage by the sea, so I could go for a moonlit walk every night – I swear I don’t need anything else if I have that!

I miss,
someone, who often comes in my dreams and who thinks it is an exhausting emotion!

I hear,
the music in my heart.

I wonder,
Would I ever be whole? Happy I am, but in a fragmented way! I guess it’s the wholeness that matters!

I regret,
Nothing - ever!

I am,
a person oscillating between the extreme of emotions and situations – too caring, a tad sarcastic, too supportive, a believer and a heathen. Ecstatic and Depressive. My life is made of contrasting strands, that’s where my wild energies come from!

I dance,
as in never….just tap my feet!

I cry,
Often – all artists are a little touched!

I am
not always,in the best of the moods… so I cant be a good company 24/7, but I definitely try!

I write,
what I feel, even if it gets to be too prosaic or philosophical and complex for others to decipher…but then, I am not simple

I finish,
my work or anything I commit to, whether hell comes or high winds. This explains my disregard for sluggards!



Anjali, 24, New Delhi said...

Sameer Bhat

Thats a stunning bright piece much like you.


Harris, Chicago said...

I've been busy lately but catch your blog whenever I get time, though I don't comment often.

Although I am in a hurry even today but this compels me to say:
You are an endlessly fascinating guy and we love your posts.


Gauri said...


all i can say.

Mohit Chabbaria said...

I think all of us know (some small parts) of what you say in these pages but it is often the beauty of your expression that holds attention. How easily can you say something that we all feel but somehow don't have the words or your kinda talent.

Mohit, 28, Mumbai

yana, b'lore said...

Bravo, sam.
way to go.
cool lines

Karen, Stanford said...

Excellence can be obtained if you: more than others think is wise;

...risk more than others think is safe;

...dream more than others think is practical;

Great piece.


jig k said...

The best write-up