Friday, June 15, 2007

Images from the Dell

Srinagar: A birds-eye view of the Dal lake and Srinagar city

Saffron vale: Raj -- 6ft2 -- and me in the crimson saffron meadows, South Kashmir

Threesome: Salus -- in buff -- me and Wasy near Phalgam, Kashmir

Quick dip: Salus sun-bathing after a dip in the glacier-cold waters of Lidder

Braveheart: Wasy makes a point atop a slippery boulder in Lidder, Countryside Kashmir
[click on the images for a bigger impact]


anjali said...

heeeh...all u guyz look cool

must have been fun


SAA said...

wasy is in red
u in blue
salus is in no color

nice potos


arvind said...

great snaps yar, stunning colors

kashmir is heaven/thanks for sharing the pics

manpreet ;) said...

u look cute

aarti said...

great bonding in the ice cool waters


nice_del_boy said...

loved ur pics
esp kashmir scenery

Pragnya said...

i cant stop laughing...
had to post a comment :P
cute pics..
Wasy seems to hav put on weight from the last time i saw him :) but then chalta hai
will tell u later why i cracked up laughing ;)