Monday, August 20, 2007

Chak De

Rarely does one come across a movie being made in India which blends sportsmanship, redemption and patriotism in just the right puckle. Frankly, I don’t think too much of our Bollywood because more-often-than-not the content is pretty pedestrian. Then there comes a flick which breaks free of the stereotype: No running betwixt the trees, no dialogue-baazi and no clutter. Simple story-telling. Done powerfully by some exceptionally talented actors. Shamit Amin is a brilliant film-maker. SRK doesn’t really need to be cheered. He remains, if I have my druthers, the King.

I won’t spoil the party for those who are yet to watch it. I won’t touch on the storyline. I was not scheduled to, neither had I planned to catch the movie, but I am glad an unexpected, split-second decision entirely changed my opinion about the game of hockey. Chak de is a very fine movie. Perhaps one of the best ever made on sports in India.

Chak de – I think it is a war-cry, slang for do it – is crisp, topical, sensitive and full of verve. The humor is unceasing. The actors are your neighborhood gals. And then there is the cerebral, stubbled Shahrukh. Who needs an item song!

For those of you who like their facts in figures:
Cost of the movie: 20 crore; Earnings first week: 20 crore.



Anjali said...

Hey sameer

Chak De is finest movies ever made in Bollywood. Shahrukh is at his best. tumne kiss ke saath dekhe, want to watch it again.


amit said...

Chak De India is BASED ON A TRUE STORY. you didnt mention that sir in an otheriwse great blog

amit kumar

Karan, Delhi said...

Ya lovely film boss. i loved it thoroughly. i was reading newyork times praised it online edition of august 15.

india going places

Karan K

Harsh 19, Nasik said...

thats a super cooool movie, man.
Nice blog. i like it

Anonymous said...

u write very well
i liked shahruk's performance in CD

Muskan, Delhi said...

Shah Rukh Khan’s stellar performance in the film, which establishes beyond doubt that King Khan is here to rule.


Anonymous said...

for someone who runs on facts and figures... u shud hav got it correct atleast.. its Shimit Amin and not Shamit

take care

Samir Bhat said...

Dear Anonymous: Tho I knw who u are :))

I dont get paid to write my blog. I don't have Subs to do my spelling checks. Blogging is a hobby with me and I squeeze time out to jot.

As for shamit/shimit, you better not be a patronymic expert. As the Bard once said....What's in a name?

For your information a paper like TOI has an average accuracy of 97%. That means despite having the best proof readers, there is a 3% error margin in one of India's best news-papers.

And u, my girl, better enjoy the contents and if u can't stand the heat, just walk out!