Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mon ami


I've known Tanseer for most of my life. We have been together since pre-nursery. Tanseer is without doubt one of the few chaps, I can count on, in an astonishingly self-centered melange'. He is a hot-balled bugger. I often pull his leg, call him darky -- kaav -- and chide him about his age. Infact we are both the same age,24. He is no less. He pulls all the punches to be on offensive, calls me all sorts of nasty things -- which I don't mind a wee bit -- and occassionally comes up with some brilliant sparks of humour.

He used to be very aggressive in our school days. That cocky arrogance that teenage thrusts upon you. Tanseer revelled in being a little bully. We used to be bench-mates and he wouldn't particularly scare me. Infact we liked each other's company. Moreover, Tanseer was a gal's boy. Girls loved him a lot. I thought they were all bananas. How could they like this moron?

He is cooling his fat ass in Baku, Azerbaijan. Of all the places! A multi-tasking bloke. Doc-manager-tennis player-lover boy and a pal-to-die-for. I often thank God for crossing my paths with a handful of very special people. He is in the select list.

Tanseer has changed now but this change is for good. He is more sober, more well-behaved and he talks more suavely these days. One thing about him hasn't changed. His 24 carat heart.

I won't expose him more. I guess many people surf this site.

Need I say more.

Sameer Bhat

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