Monday, July 10, 2006

The poem

Dikhaye diye yuv ki bekhud kiya
Hamey apse be juda kar chaley

Mir Taqi Mir – 1723-1810, one of the greatest Urdu poets ever,
Known for his literary style marked by brevity, imagery and musicality.

Transliterated –
Your appearance sends me in a trance
It splits me from myself

Sameer, 2006

A few hours can affect the outcome of whole lifetimes. I can’t say if it was a silly dream or if I am being poetic here. I often doodle -- What could we beget were we to cross – a lot of love and a little heartache, some ecstasy and a dab of passion, handful of joy and layers of yearning – all at once. Indescribable. It is that impossibly enraptured feeling. In the middle of a harrowing summer, suddenly small, cold rains came. There was above us a crash of thunder and a fierce glowering of the sky. It got cloudy. There was so much beauty in the air. I could hear my soul hum. Quietly. Urgently. Rhapsodically.

I may appear vague. Can’t help it. Excuse my expressions. My trek was enjoyably strange. Nothing much mattered. Nothing mattered much. I have so many memory-imprints that they are all jumbled in my head now. Like a ferociously schooled kid, I was reading the most endearing eyes in the world. I am not sure, if I could. Only looking at someone can be satisfying at times. Like burgundy that is purled into the cut glass goblets. Completely. Fittingly.

The song came with flawless tenderness. It had the highest alto. Sung with the innocence of a damsel and pitch of an unmated nightingale. The muggy evening gave away to a sober sweet melody. Its luster heightened by the singer’s delay and distillation. Silence. I was flabbergasted. The fizz of silence took my breath away. Just like the song. I am not suggesting that others can’t croon better. My siren song was special. Sung for me with a tutting indulgence that was all mine.

The moments slowly wore off in a clamorous, compelling spell. There are times when you want to paint every inch of the nakedness with an ancient exquisiteness. As if we were making love in bright, flashing colors and the colors keep changing from one moment to the next, like some wonderful kaleidoscope.

You can love someone just by looking in those eyes.



Arvind Kumar, Vellore said...

My God,

Thats so well-written. I can't write half that good and I call myself a blogger.

You're so so good at it.


mehak, new delhi said...


amazing words. You can be magical at times.


Lucerno, Averio, Portugal said...

I love you, my writer!

You cheer me up for the 5 minutes I spend on your blog, each day.

--Cell# 45-76-18786754997

kunal said...

Hey, Sam.

Thats a beautiful piece of work.


Rajat Kapoor, 28, Mumbai said...

You surely a good writer. One thing I love about good writing is that people keep asking for more and one thing all good writers do, is never give you the whole picture.

The threads you leave unwoven tickle me. How can you do it so effectively, plz let me know.

I am also an aspiring writer.
You can write to me at:

anju said...

I hoope it was a dream


Steven Binge said...

Hey, sameer

Great piece young man. It has everything in it. I agree with Rajaat, one keeps asking for more.

Kindly post more often.


Gulnar, Sweden said...

Thoughts so well expressed. With so much simplicity and poise.

You are a lovely guy, no doubt.


David D. Jerrison, Sheffield, UK said...

An impressive bit of writing here. I believe you write with so much command that you are completely at the heart of an issue, never diverting from the original track.

fadia G, Toronto said...

Hey --

I may disagree with you on many thngs but I can never disagree with your disticnt style.