Saturday, October 28, 2006


Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. ~ Anonymous

I often doodle in my mindscape that humans must be the most interesting species that ever walked upon earth. All our lives we hanker for love. We traverse great depths to explore it. We sail and we soar, trying to find it. We ramble into obscure territories, often running into mean cul-de-sacs. Weeks give way to fortnights and then sheepishly turn into months but our little quest almost never ends. We keep searching for that real relationship. The various trials we endure and the countless tribulations we follow, only makes us strong. Astoundingly, it is a constant pursuit for love? A single person in a world of five billion! Whatever it is, it must be the world’s most pious hunt.

We meet many interesting and not-so-interesting blokes on this journey. Some we never think about again. Some, we wonder what happened to them. There are some that we wonder if they ever think about us. And then there are some we wish we never had to think about again. There are times we dangerously delude ourselves about. Foolishly enough, every time we try find a reason to the heart’s furor. However in the most private realms of our mind, we soon realize it is only companionship, settlement, and physical compatibility. Not love. Not that sacred little thing.

Not love. How can it be? Love allows you to listen to the still voices within. Then obey them. You know it occurs to you when someone can listen to your heartbeat without being anywhere near you. It makes your eyes go moist suddenly, unexpectedly – for no reason. It makes you say a tiny prayer in a long time – not for yourself – but for the one you love. It is selfless. Always!

And – then it occurs to us. We aren’t even looking for it. Suddenly it comes, as if Godsend, to whisper a beautiful secret in our ear. How can one put it in words? Magic without magical spells. Happiness without reasons. Conversation without words. Celebration without occasions. Togetherness without being together!

No feeling is more comforting and consoling than knowing that you are being loved. Frederick Nietzsche was one of 20th century’s most influential philosophers. I quote the old German: There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness.

Need I say more?



Emille, London said...

Jesus Christ,

Wonderful, soulful and a sheer delight.


Supriya, Bristol said...

I am an Indian student currently studying in the Univ of Bristol.
I came to know about your blog through the progressive bloggers union.

You write very well. I love reading you.


Jatin said...

Superb writeup. I am sure no-one can match ur style of writing. You are a great writer, poet and a great economist. I lov all your posts. In fact I make it a point to read your blog when I start my day.It kinda rejuvenates my soul with the soulful thoughts which you share with us through this blog.

Keep blogging. :)


Gousia 25, Pune said...

Agree Jatin,

He is a great blogger. He writes achingly well and takes our breath away.

May your tribe grow.

Haggis, Chicago said...

That is one of the best pieces I may have ever read on Relationship. You are a wordsmith and yes - one of the best bloggers on earth.

Chicago, Illinois,

Pawan Kumar, Malabar Hills, Mumbai said...

There are a very few people who have the power of touch our lives in a beautiful way. I read and re-read your post many times. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you've a beautiful heart and it is no secret that you write so well.

I highly recommnend you.

Pawan K.

Anjali, New Delhi said...


Thats all I can say

Total TV

Dr Anil K jha said...

Keep writing always:). There is so much honesty in your writings.

It makes one pause and reflect and say: Now this is a little gem of a guy.

Dr Anil

garry, newark said...

nice post. keep jotting

Nisha Gulati said...

Read one of your your earlier posts:
Snow in the dell
You have made prolific use of the choicest words which cud enhance the beauty of natute in any have personified nature have a v.commendable vocabulary n ur poetry tells ur knowledge of diction.your work is worth appreciation.i dunno how i came to read this bcz i was searching something in google bt 'twas gud tht i landed up reading this.kudos!keep up the gud work.