Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mellow reveries

The days are wintry short. It gets dark around six. The evening chill feels good. Things continue to be as they are. Everyone and his uncle appear busy. There is a mad-mad rush to nowhere. People tend to smile but keep it in inverted commas. Everything is routine. Ah -- the monotony of things. The sameness suffocates me, at times. Nonetheless, I trundle on. Being part of the modern civil society, you eventually capitulate to its prescribed norms. It catapults you to a certain level, where you can do nothing – just stay quiet and watch events unfold! Watch unalloyed emotions being lacerated and dreams being dumped. The show – as they say -- goes on! 24 x 7.

I’ve made up my mind long back. I’m never going to give in to this fakeness. I can’t fake my hearts myriad little reveries. They are just too sacred to me to be wished away. A thrill still shoots through me when I think of love. Of eyes. Of stealing some cute glances in car mirrors. Of doing tiny somethings for someone, which I can’t bring myself to do even for me. The simple, innocent appreciation and respect for one another. My mind often reels as I step in my solitary room. I try to unwind, emote and enact the randomness of things! Think. And sit back to jot my thoughts.

When I go to sleep I always think of the countryside and all its loveliness and all its pureness. The trees and river streams. Quietitude. That’s when I unshackle my soul from life's numerous prejudices, vanities, riches and avarice. With a vanilla sky above and a grassed landscape beneath, my toes begin to tinkle. They tinkle alone.

The lovelorn thoughts chime in – always. It is already evening. Weekend. Cold. But beautiful. I am cheerful but I don’t know why! :)



mehak, delhi said...


This write up of yours is beautiful, stunning and a small part of the personality that you are -- peaceful from the exterior and so beautiful, inside.


adrain, 34 Quebec, Canada said...

I read your post and guess what I said to myself. Beautiful.

Siddharth, 26, Mumbai said...

Hw are u able to so effortlessly say all that I often want to say but almost never can? Everyone cannot be as talented as u :)/


anjali, delhi said...

You brigten my day. Just got up and was browsing thru newspapers online. As always, poetic, intelligent and brilliant.

love anjali

Dr Anil K Jha said...


It is not important for many people to understand you. I have been a regular reader of your columns. many times, I have tried to read in between the lines to understand the meaning of your messages.

I can frankly say two things about you with absolute certainity. You are incredibly talented and you possess a superb command over the language.

As far as the meaning of your messages is concerned, I can't understand much but to be honest with you -- whoever gets you will be the world's most lucky person.

You're beautiful, inside-out.

Dr Anil K Jha

Harpreet, Chadigarh said...

A great pic, adds to the overall appeal.