Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Unrealistic me!

We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.
`Susan Jeffers, best selling American Author

I can be a little impossible at times. At others I might be a dash doltish. I have even been dubbed unrealistic, which I genuinely think I am. See, it is plain as a pikestaff. You can’t be levelheaded all the time. 24 X 7. It does help -- at times -- to rap your fingers on a half-drunk cup of coffee and doodle in your head: God, why did you make this world so unjust? Why did you have to program some hormones asymmetrically? Why did you make hearts soft? You could have put in some odd, cold lump in there – with no feelings, right? And why can’t I hear this laughter – that appears so spontaneous – forever?

Ironically, unrealistic blokes never get straight, realistic answers. So… I reckon, in my wildest artistry, God might consider my importunity and care to utter: I did not make the world unjust; it is the people who made stupid norms and then ordained you to follow. I didn’t wire anyone differently because I hardly fiddle with my beloved creation. If people think the glass is half empty, they forget it is half-full, also. I made hearts soft so that people may love and thank me for the magnificent feeling that love always brings. And then God may add: when you listen to the silence of nature and the melody of music, the cracks of your fav laugh will touch your eardrums. Relax.

Fetter me if I sound unrealistic. What do you do when some voices crack like that of a kid's? If the rasp of some breaths, draws you so close that you can feel your pulses tense up. If some gazes appear more laidback than ambitious. If certain actions look more warm than studied. If some dreams are too good to be forgotten. If some archaic innocence in you tells you: Don’t explore, man, for you truly love only once! Am I unrealistic if I lie on my bed in complete silence and my mind wanders? It goes far away, feeling good about something, worrying, caring, missing, tarrying and loving. It is indeed hard, very hard to explain the exact rhyme of my poem.

I hope I could explain better? Alas! I can’t cos’ I am not too realistic.



anjali b, New Delhi said...

not realistic but u are a wonderkid. magical creation. one of the best I have read.

Wish you write a book.


Mohit amte, Mumbai said...

beautiful indeed. sameer bhat, you're a blessed guy and perhaps u don't know that.

mohit, 29, Mumbai

Anonymous said...


Sikand H, Mysore said...

I love the way you say the most simple, mundane things so beautifully. It just takes my imagination for a flight.

Thank you.

Sikand, Mysore

SF said...

that is just what u need, a streak to tweak the imagination of your readers...
you prove the point here.

i can almost hear them shout: BESTSELLER!! BESTSELLER!!

go for it sam, WRITE A BOOK,
but ofcourse its upto u to decide when.

let me just book the first one autographed by you!


Tanushree, Idea Works, New Delhi said...

ahhhhh....your write ups leave me with a sudden aching in the heart and I too think: how can this guy be so eloquent and elegent.


patrick hess said...


Checked your blog after a week and couldn't take my eyes off it for the next 15 minutes. I re-read your creations. You can be so enlightened at times that I sit back and feel like to smile.

Patrick, Mass, US

Karan, I-TV said...

oye -- salee, badya blog bana liya

all the best.

karan, 27, I-TV

manav, 34 said...

thanks for sharing ur delightful thoughts with us all.

manav, mangalore