Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spring ode!

The world is busy
And God’s hands full
Nary a bird in sight
Nor a song to hear

It rains on roofs
With no sure eaves
Laughter muffled by noise
Teasing the good old tear

Mist in the distance
you can’t see through
These gimmies for pelf
As old as hills

'While' your time for you
Look for happiness in you
And when you are tired of you
Look up to find me there

As time swooshes past
Swifter than a falcon’s gaze
It leaves me to wonder
Am I still in this race?



Hana Ismael, 35, Cairo said...

it is a keen take on our times by the very talented, poetic, masterly -- sam.
An excellent composition. It merits attention.

Hana, Egypt

Bharat, New Delhi said...


Prof Sharla K Dutta, Univ of Calcutta said...

It is indeed very good to see you balancing prose and poetry with an equal ease. I think at ur age and experience, you are very proficient with words.


Anonymous said...

someone is getting lots of praise. ;)

Neil, Aberdeen said...

'no Sure eaves' -- thats beautiful creation. This poem is one of the most original, creative and stunning pieces I've come across on the internet blogging, for a long long time.

Keep the spirit up.
Way to go

Sunanda said...

oh that is a touching poem.

sunanda, hyd'bad

Martha, Sweden said...

I love the brevity of your verse. You expalined a lot in very few words.

Martha Kenwood, Sweden

twin_3, mumbai said...

a nice composition