Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vanilla sky is the limit

This is one of those days; I am not sure what to squiggle. Of course I have not been scrupulous enough in writing my posts. It has been anything between a heady mix of my indolence and -- perhaps -- a lack of creative space but largely I cannot comment on why I don’t jot always. There is often this hazy degree of mystery about what one wishes to do but cannot. About why we don’t do certain things, we ought to. I reckon I am one of those blokes. I often procrastinate. That is when I miss out on the event. The spark just flies away.

I however never flunk to dream. Last night I dreamt a mischievous one. I can share only a little with you. It was a surreal serenade. Upon an ancient castle, the precincts of which smelled of lavender leaves. Eyes! I let myself be borne away by a sweet emotion. I hugged like mad. It was as if the entire world had entered a gentle twilight. I faintly recalled that love is supposed to be like this. Just that we mistake it, often enough.

By the way, our blog has gained some prominence. That is to say we have become a little famous. In a recent seminar on the ‘Impact of Internet on American Society’ held in the prestigious Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, Ars Longa Vita Brevis has found a special note of recognition. Our blog has been listed under the title 2005: “Alternative media” versus Mainstream media. That is a cute pat on the back.

Back of a lazy blogger, must I add. Sky is the limit, mates.

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Hanan, Jordan said...

Wow. That was expected. Miles to go sameer.


Hanan, 38, Jordan

Jonathan Hess, 35, Newcastle said...

you are one of the finest bloggers, I have read. It is easy to start a website but it requires a lot of intelligence and style to carry on the stream. I truly love reading you.

Sunanda, Hyderabad said...

Kudos and all the best. I think you deserve the adulations and recognitions.

sana, 24 said...

You are very good at everything. I guess a gem in our office.
So nice to be associated with u.


Dr A K Jha, Ranchi said...

Thanks for all the beautiful words and sharing the beauty of your creativity with us.

Pragnya said...

one hell of a lazy man...
one hell of a writer.

one good journalist...
one good friend.

one dreamy boy...
one unforgettable sweetheart.

Lez, Sweden said...

I have liked reading you here for a long time. This is a great blog.

Lez, 44, Sweden

Bharat, New Delhi said...

Sky is the limit -- that is very well said. So, when are you gettinf onto writing books now, sameer.

Bharat, New Delhi

Gauri, Hindustan Times said...

Amazing guy -- amazing writing style. Beautiful expressions.


timothy said...

I was out of my place and it is so nice to read you again. Congrats on the paper.


अभिषेक पाण्डेय said...

Thanks a lot Samir. Though I m nt a professional poet, I am just an amateur in writing poetries just like other several stuffs. But, the comments seem to impart that I have started writing sum good poems now. ;-) In fact, all of my poems are published on that blog only. You can come over my another blog-

Congratulations for the international appreciation. After I get to see ur blog, I think you are well-deserving this, maybe more than this.

Shall read all of your posts someday. You write great, keep writing.