Wednesday, May 09, 2007

noce de mi-été -- A Mid-Summer's Wedding

I went to a wedding after a longish hiatus. It is mid-summer. Mehak is my colleague and it was her D-day. Now the heat in Delhi is hellish that you don’t even want to eat. I was in no mood to go. Then suddenly half my office decided to take off. I was indecisive till the last stupid minute. Eventually I joined the troupe. Three loadfuls of chariots drove from Delhi. I went with my fav blokes in office -- Sandy and Mehak (the bride’s namesake). It was a fun trip. Sandy – the perfervid chap that he is – drove like real fast. We were at the Vaishali farmhouse well in time.

Now Indian weddings are a plain euphemism for boisterous celebration. High jinks! I liked Mehak’s affair. It was a tad subdued, warm, a more jovial event. The lady looked resplendent in her trousseau. We had a good time. The gals let their hair down. The dudes cheered from the ringside. Our party posed for the shutterbugs -- with the beautiful couple. Raided food stalls – Salami, Cheese skewers and a funny Chi-Chi stick (If I’m not mistaking the name). The evening was breezy and not too oven-like, as the Indian May is expected to be.

I came back with Shaleen – toon enthusiast, cross-work champ and a racer driver -- a la Sandy. I work with some lively, laidback fellas, I forgot to add. The wedding was a welcome interlude from mindless work, more work and still more work. I am glad I went. And if you wondering what is Sandy show-casing: That's the famed Chi-Chi stick, mates!