Friday, May 18, 2007

When pals beckon!

On a sudden sweet morning
I got hit sans any warning
It was the most gentle jolt
That left me in much revolt

Friendship comes to us like that
You can’t even hear the splat
It is like falling in love
First love, next love, last love

To laugh and lope and cry
Always the shoulder to try
Like we learn tact with gals
We often fathom honor from pals

It is tough to let them go
You bond to them like morning snow
As birds soul-kiss upon the bough
A buddy snugs your senses and how

We may grow in time and order
The heart knows no such border
To evolve in such a beautiful blend
Is what they call being a friend!



Mary, 28, LA said...

Thats beautiful to say the least.

Mari. 28

Kunal, Mumbai said...

Ah..the poet is back.

Kunal, Mumbai

Priyanka, Nw Delhi said...

Whe you write with such sensitivity, I wish ur tribe grows.

They don't make such beautiful souls with love, heart, anymore.

Priyanka J, 21
Lady Shree Ram
Nw delhi

May 19, 2007

Hilol NDTV said...

dam sweet...

you are a smart-sweet-sensitive ass

Manish K said...

friends are a treasure.
good poem


sarika, CNBC said...

hey sammmmmm

rem we met at Ind-Int conclave.
You too good yar
I mean, I am overwhelmed, u write exceedingly well.

I'll read u more often here.

Sarika G