Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday Boy

Sep 18: My birthday.

There are times when I think I am a lucky chap. This is one of those days. I just turned 20-something. Right from mid-night, when the clock struck 00 hours and propelled me into my nth year of being, I started getting calls and texts from my friends all over the world. Hold on!!!I am not a celeb but as luck would have it, I have friends living across a wide geographical stretch.

Calls from Kashmir...Suhail was the first to give me a ring. Bleary-eyed the poor boy remained awake till 12 to wish. Can you ask for more? Selcuk, my Turkish pal sent a heart-felt note shortly after mid-night. I was humbled. Around that time, Kokes and Waseem and Navvy burst into a carol -- wishing me! Tanseer sent a text at one in the night. Moron! He had again gotten the Indian timings wrong. I love him for his capers! (Flight timings wrong, names wrong...the list is wrong, sorry, long!) can I leave them out. Or how ever can they forget me. Usuals, Manprit, all so charming and nice. Rang up from the serene shores of south India. Leera sent a belated text. Naughty as ever.

Hadi called up from NYC, Tanseer complimented with a call from Baku. Sweet texts kept trickling in. Selcuk with his flowing locks, who else! Doctor Uncle -- Tan's pops -- wrote a birthday text. I suddenly felt double-blessed.

I cut my cake at the french corner dubbed Patessiers'. Folks clapped. Kokes was too good -- loved his gifts.

God, I never want the world to love me. I just want my loved ones to stick by me. That is exactly what took place.


sameer bhat

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