Saturday, September 17, 2005

Rain dance

The past few days have been utterly pleasant. It has rained and rained. Glinting silvery stripes of rain. The downpour has brought the mercury crashing down on her knees. What injustice to someone who has been so haughty all summer. Lady mercury -- also globally known by her cognomen HEAT -- made us sweat and fume. Not that we didn't fight back. I bought an ac-plant to keep her off but she was persistent with her swelter. Till yesterday!!!

As always nature came to the rescue. Where Bush flunks, nature prevails. So heavens opened up and it poured. I love rains. I am a compete romantic. I live for rain and snow and breeze and that delicate sunshine. Not Heat!!! There is so much of beauty in nature's elements. I love to walk in rain. Drench myself. Soak in the godly shower. And I walked in the rain yesterday. My slippers got wet, my hair-gel was washed off and my back was moist. I didn't care two hoots. I felt good and fresh.

The rain was incessant. It came in small and big torrents. On the rich and the not-so-rich, in the president's lush gardens and the tarapaulin roofs of slum-dwellers, on bird-less nests and concrete enclosures. In ponds, across roads, on the lamp-posts. For those magical rain moments, all city seemed to dance in the drizzle.

Happy worms swam in brown slush. From a distance bushlarks and parakeets cooed.

It is a interlude, one wishes goes on forever.

sameer bhat

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