Friday, September 02, 2005


He is a small bundle of joy. One of my youngest students -- I'm not a teacher, but I love to tutor kids close to me; perhaps my youngest friend and a true heart-on-your-sleeve guy. Taukir features in the select list of chaps, I truly admire. He is at once stylish and frighteningly lazy. He is smart and instantaneous. I love to call him Kokes, thought I think Jug-head also fits him just right!

Kokes laughs in small interludes, almost incessantly. Although he rarely comes up with very many funny quotes himself but he sure has a funny bone. He laughs and giggles at every loud sylabble you utter. That keeps his cheek bones in action, all the time. 24 X 7. I am sure, if I prattle anything in the middle of a difficult situation, kokes is sure to compliment it with a smile.

However, the most enduring element is his sincerity. I reckon, the world around us is painfully short of such sincere, honest blokes and that is where my young pal scores.

Truthful and amiable would be the best two-words to describe Kokes.

sameer bhat

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