Friday, September 29, 2006

La Docle Vita

La docle vita means ‘The Sweet Life’. Like the famous 1960’s movie, my life has been a sweet journey. A florid odyssey. It has been a series of nights and mornings along this huge metropolis called Delhi. Cruising through its multitude bends, seeking that lasting relationship, spacing my existence, juggling between humor and melancholy -- all of this has been tiring but worthwhile. I became even-paced. Earlier, I used to think, I’ll aim for my dream at the appropriate time. I’ve been lucky to always meet great people in life. One such friend – without much explaining – taught me the essence of doing things now and quick. On soft pillows and lukewarm tubs I read those eyes. The scents have long funneled deep down me. I realized that now is the only time there is. I must make my now wow. Now makes your minutes miracles, and your days pay.

As a jaded 20-something hack, I've always attempted to look at life through the kaleidoscope of love and longing. Often using my humor to stop myself from falling into life’s cruel travails. The stressful rigarmarole. The past month has been rather anfractuous for me. I’ve laid low. I met with a near-death accident. Many things indescribable. I celebrated my birthday with very special people in the best of places. I cried. I laughed. I canoodled. I hugged. I felt spent. I felt loved. If there was any divine meaning to this mink mélange, if there was any profound lesson to be learned here, I couldn’t think what it could be. At one level it appeared to me the same old human circus of passion and love, stupidity and semblance, selfishness and selflessness. Only the players change. Alexander the Great ventured into it. I am in same territory. It is called the sweet life.

More of my musings to follow.



manprit, chennai said...

superb sam...with a capital S. You're simply irrestible.


Rohit, 26 Delhi said...


It is these occassions when you write with such non-chalance and briskness that I feel envy. You have a superb gift of expressing your thoughts.

Rohit, 26 Delhi

Jane, New England said...

I just request you to keep your posts more regular.


sushant aggrawal, mumbai said...

an excellent, thougt-provoking piece.


teddy said...

There is a lot of pathos to your words. That makes you all the more special.

Ted G, Brooklyn

patric collinson, wales said...

hey, man

you write achingly beautiful

Gayatri, 46, Mumbai said...

at times i dont agree with your views on politics or romance but i always seem to go along maintaining that you're very very stylish. Your English is impeccable.

Gayatri, 46, Mallad