Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fall in Kashmir

Walk with me sometimes
upon nature's carpet of gold
Hum with me old rhymes
till we both grow old

Let's hear the leaves fall
on a lonely stretch of God
where the trees stand tall
upon a reddened sod

What if we hold hands
to look in the distance
we come across free lands
people lost in some trance

As we walk towards bliss
Would you latch onto me
No step do we ever miss
on land or upon a blue sea



Ken Snelson said...

lovely lovely poetry.

You are a blessed child.

Anushman said...

That is a very sweet poem which seems to ask some very poinant questions and let out soul searching answers too.

Sebastian said...

Sebastian said:
Hi samy,

Since you're write so well, I was contemplating suggesting the Dylan to you, unfortunately I forgot.

Am glad some one writes sensible poetry on nature these days.

I live in Runstraat 26 in Amsterdam. Should have some copies of Wodsworth.

If you visit Amsterdam You can reach me at Puccini's (Staalstraat 21) or Pompadour (Kerkstraat 148)

Jenny123, California said...

good sweet words, sam