Thursday, February 09, 2006

Love: What love?

God, I wish I knew how to quit you!
Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain

We live in a simmering cauldron called earth. These are times when religion is pitted against reason. Sparks of hatred fling by. Emotions have reached a flash-point. Global events are meshed with homemade outrage. Ordinary blokes -- on ranches and farms, in the countryside and city perimeters, upon mountains and deserts -- look stupefied and flabbergasted. There is killing and there is misery. Lots of it. People work frenetically as if there is no tommorrow. Stress: What is that? Global warming and Cold-age waltz to an indifferent age. US is the biggest power and it is arrogant. Vain glory. A stupid president flanked by neo-cons. It doesn't get any worse.

There is no love. It is all lost. Splattered. Killed by forces of the market. Overrun by lust. Emotions: What is that? Heart has gone fishing. Mind rules. Money only matters, not unadultered feelings. Bourses are on fire. Pockets are full. Banks are filled. Tummies are bloating. There is no wind. That is taken care of by air-conditioning units. Fake smiles. Fictitious promises. No place for sanity. No one cares for the hungry.

I have loved cartoons since childhood. Tintin and Asterixs still come in my dreams. Snowny wags at me on solitary evenings. The whole world is fighting over toons now. The clerics blame the Danes. A puffed up Condy blames the Iranians. The French invoke Voltaire. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities, the great frenchman once quipped. There is no love lost between the warring factions. To my mind, one can't take sides in a round world.

You can't find love these days. It is rare. Near-extinct. Endangered. It has long been commodified. No one understands you. You wish to draw back. Can't. You are one of them -- you think -- but still unlike them. Your heart is not taken by the silly spectacle around you. You continue to be innocent.



Dr Anil K Jha said...

The greatest strength of a man is not in his sword but his words. I think you write very very well. Excellent expression and such clear, concise language.

Keep it up. Good piece

Dr A K Jha

Anjali said...

Beautiful samy. You are in flow. Aren't you?

Jehnin Awla said...

I admit I have got addicted to your blog. Not only do you write well, you think so honestly.

I would like to talk to you.
Jehnin Awla,
#6, Kalingpong
West Bengal

Ross said...

I like the conciseness in your write-ups. They seem to be talking to you. I don't know you but with people like you writing I think blogging has come as a boon. I highly recommend you.

"Fictitious promises. No place for sanity. No one cares for the hungry." That sums it all up.


Ross, Sutherland, UK

Cathereen said...

Where do we have such beautiful feelings thesedays. The days of romanticism are over. I hope poets and artists realise that.


Alec said...

In ref to Kathy's comment, Romanticism will never fade. It continues to burn as fire in the hearts of the brave.

In btwn: another gem, samy.

Alec, 27, NYC

Akriti Jain said...

My dada also used to bring us tintin. You re-kindled an old memory in me. It is sad cartoons are the centre of a bloody fight between people these days.

Anonymous said...

All that lyrical prose, kindergarten reminiscences, misplaced love, human emotion, contemporary squabble.
You made me look back and think.
I feel proud of you.