Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lost samy

Islands packed with people
Meadows full of flowers
Trees laden with fruits

Birds that glide in air
Ducks that swim in ponds
Songs that make us glad

Eyes that drop me dead
Hands that touch my head
Lips that swell me crimson

Touches that do me good
Tugs that leave me soft
Hugs that halt the clock

A world of endless attempts
A city of countless stems
One big maze of neural systems

Am I lost in 'em?



Peter Hidston said...

As intense as poetry can get

Jehnin Awla said...

Whats neural systems, sameer?

yana, bangalore said...

The lines are touching. Good blog.

Anushman said...

I like ur blog. It is a mixed type and that is the best part of it. Something for everyone.

Anonymous said...

O! wow Its has been ages since you wrote something like this... I have missed you

I like this parity of words
love you lots

Anonymous said...

simply Great......................