Friday, February 10, 2006

This love

Words don't have wings but they travel much faster than the swiftest of birds. I wrote a generic piece yesterday. Albeit jotted with much honesty and meant to be a frank assessment of the general state of affairs, it ended up offending some. I apologise for the hurt but I guess it was never intended as a take on anyone. What confusion, God! Frost, my fav American poet says, I'm not confused, I'm just well mixed.

I hate a couple of things about me. I can be terribly boring at times. Too engrossed with my books to notice people around. Like an empty chair in an ante-room. I can be fanatically choosy too. I have a select number of people on my friends-list. I love them. I can be either too dependent on them or shut myself up completely outside of this charmed circle. I think that's not something I should be proud of.

I love expressing myself and I like to be candid in my postings. There are moments when I reckon, I don't quite belong here. I can't align myself to the plebian sensibilities of people around. I never want to sound arrogant. I never deliberately hurt people. I can be angry and often feel hurt when I am. The short fuse is anchored somewhere in my genes and so are the gentle touches of generosity.

I have this terrible bug in me that asks me to laugh at the world. Most of us look for beauty day-in and day-out and yet find her elusive. What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for beauty, and never see the Dawn! There is so much beauty in it. I find beauty in the most secluded and senile of places. Call me a romantic. I can't resist loving the blue-tint of a spring sky. I love wyoming mountains. With lots of white sheep and a lonely shepherd to tend his flock. One of my greatest dream is to amble across old alleys and touch history with my index!

There is so much beauty still left in the world!

Sameer bhat


Harris said...

Good Lord!

You write marvellously well, man.

I am awed, to be honest. Bookmarked you.


Gisis Khajawi said...


That is a stunning series a write-ups. I think you have a very good writer. If you conceptualise your ideas like this, I think you wil go a long way.


Gisis Khajawi said...

are u/not have a


Andrew said...

Give me sameer the writer anyday

Such a feast to eyes, really

Anjali said...

Superb, yet again.

wasy said...

It’s an excellent follow up, mate. This is a good balancing act …anyways well written again