Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Going slow

I am slow
In a fast world
Trying to walk straight
On a road so curved

Tears slide
upon stupid cheeks
and go down fast
through love's many creaks

Troublesome knocks
on cold cold morning
For a simple glimpse
don't pop in sans warning

Silly illusions
in the gullible eye
Images flicker
looking at the vanilla sky

I'll check my flow
I'll go slow
As the beats get low
They wait for the glow!



Nessy said...

bitter-sweet poetry. you look hurt but manage to laugh though. That is the spirit.

Akriti Jain said...

I am a class 11 student in Mumbai. These are so beautiful lines. I like your blog.

Mohit Aggarwal said...

Checkd your page after a while. Splendid as ever. The poem is good and the pictures rock. Love you dude.

Khalid said...

Some nice writings and reflections here bro, keep it up!