Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Snow in the Dell

Perhaps the only two things I truly miss about Kashmir are its enchanting snow-capped mountains and the fluffy-icy-shivery snow. It is snowing in Kashmir now. Kashmir
is one of the few places in India where it actually snows in winters. Frankly, few things in the world give me such a kick. Imagine, the feeling. You are cut off from rest of the world. Unwind!!!
There is no electricity. Consequently no watching the TV. No lamps and tube lights. Light thy candles. Fusty style. Re-live the way your ancestors did. It puts to shame all the candle-lite dinners in plush NY hotels and swanky New Delhi lounges. Doesn't get more antediluvian than that!

Think of the magical feeling. White gloss all around -- on your window sills, your backyard and your back-alley. Upon the front-street and snaking turnspikes too. As if an unceasing white fur carpet is spread all over. No potholes. No drains. No runnels. Just running miles of endless, clean snow. Snow that came last night, over night. God has stockpiles of it, I often doodle. It falls on the rooftops and topless rivers. On nests and little chirping birdlings in them. Tweet-tweedle they croon. The downpour continues on the mighty mountains and the lowly grasslands. Across a cross section of an entire landlocked dell. The valley. On its peripheries. Its mass and centre of gravity. God's confetti.

Fantasise the cosiness. Cycling around in the snow. Snow flakes on your nose. On your back. Snow-man. The snow-ball fight. Throwing small orbs of snow on each other. The fun of it. The rush. The pink of cheeks. Rouge of palms. And the quite wintry nights. The eerie silences. The snow-globs coming dancing down from the sky, in hushed whispers. On deer-backs. Upon trees. On defunct electric lines. In terraces. Upon doggy-snouts. On parched humans. Never failing them.

Warm hamams, warmed still by logs of wood. Envy the old world charm.

God. I love snow.



Rati A said...

as beautiful as writing can get and touches of poetry to it. amazing piece. thanks blogger

rahul T said...

amazing description of snow. I love the choice of your words and your stylish and poetic language. You are amazing, man.
Rahul, 24, M New Delhi

sean said...

chk your blog after a long holiday. as ever your words never fail to impress. Awsome description at times dreamy but that what we must be

Juniad, Baku said...

One word: SPLENDID

Laura Brown said...

Samir, that's a beautiful description. We had a dusting of snow in London this morning, but it is melting already, alas! I miss the big snows we had when I was growing up in America.

nishthagulati said...

you have made prolific use of the choicest words which cud enhance the beauty of natute in any form.you have personified nature v.meticulously.you have a v.commendable vocabulary n ur poetry tells ur knowledge of diction.your work is worth appreciation.i dunno how i came to read this bcz i was searching something in google bt 'twas gud tht i landed up reading this.kudos!keep up the gud work.