Saturday, January 14, 2006

Making Love

One of my best buddies -- Tanseer -- once remarked rather wryly, "Sam, How effectively can you veer a conversation from religion to sex". That was in connection to a tiny talk we were having on religion when I suddenly changed gears and asked him how his last session was like! I am going to repeat that again. Having discussed faith in my last post, I now doodle about fornication-- one of the original sins, propounded by all books of the Lord!

Sex to my mind is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It is those fleeting minutes of stillness, called joy. Temporary madness. It is sweat. It is sinful. It is passion. It is all of that and much more. I don't understand why it is often seen as leer. There is an element of lust to it but there are myriad tomes of ecstasy too. Someone rightly called it love-making. It transcends all borders and speaks in one universal accent.

I was prostrate. Tears welled up in my eyes. There was no guilt. Only whispers in the ear. Before you can say something, a wedge of lemons or an impassioned peck makes you go quiet. Kiss. The breathlessness of it. The panting. The throwing away of pants. Canoodling your senses away. Tossing like a feather on cold sheets, the winter chill needling you in a million places. And the warmth of arm-pits. Newness of limbs. The emaciated feet. Bliss.

There is a certain emotional slack to it, the warmth and fears. Insecurities. The climax. Epiphany. Sheer heaven.

Coffee wafts and flirtatious eyes is all I can think of!

God, spare me the indulgence.



Anjali Bhagwat said...

Now that is as beautiful as I can ever think of. Beautiful, beautiful description. You are truly blessed with words. I am awed.

Mohit Aggarwal said...

Hi. Came across your blog searching for some quality writing on the net. Honest feedback: You write the best blogs. I've bookmarked you already. There is so much of clutter on internet and suddenly finding a beautiful, quality website is a blessing.
will ckh back to read you now.

Julie raus said...

Julia from Argentine writes: that is a stunning piece. something i wish i cud frame and re-read. sex, yes, knows no borders and speaks a unversal language

youssy Avon said...

Hi. I am an Isreali and read your blog. You rock. Words that seem so effortless to you, Bravo