Monday, January 16, 2006

Thy Eyes

Eyes that can kill at will
Eyes which freeze me still
Eyes that look so freaking
Eyes, that has hearts' go creaking

Eyes with the golden glow
Eyes for which zephyrs blow
Eyes like magic bells
Eyes like no one else

Eyes that wander always
Eyes that never rest
Eyes which look for someone
Eyes, I wish look up to me

Eyes, those beauteous pearls
Eyes like a falcon that furls
Eyes whose stare is seditious
Eyes that look so flirtatious

Eyes, I think of
Eyes, I drink for
Eyes, like those of a dove
Eyes, I'll always love



Milind, Bombay said...

Kudos for this beautiful poem. Wanted to ask you, if I could use this poem in my blog. I shall duly acknowledge you.
Beautiful words

Tim said...

Hi, this is the second time,I read you blog and I find it truly interesting. Believe me, you are very very talented sam.

Keep it up.

Muskan Shah said...

There is a certain rhythm about your lines and an unconventional style that makes you stand apart.
I think you are an original and must remain so.
Muskan, MCRC, Jamia Milia, New Delhi