Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Timeless words

I have a sweet little friend who lives latitutes away from me. He is a bundle of radiant energy. A trademark tuff of flowing hair, which easily camouflages him as a rock star. His lone weapon is a disarming smile athough he brandishes ninja swords too. He visits the Istanbul Hookah lounges to have a go at the winding pipes. He came to the US and worked in Cinn. almost all by himself. He is a friend who I wish all of us must have. He is loving and stupid like me. He is all of 20. That's Selcuk for you.

The irony with such beautiful people is that their hearts don't know how to lie. They beat with truthfulness. The flutters are just too real. When the soul is honest and warm enough to make you comfortable in a different country -- across seas and mountains. Ideally, they ough to be cherished. Alas! No one understands them. I think the love of his life flunked to fathom his sublimity.

Here he shared with me this soulful poem he's written. I am thankful to him. He allowed me to carry the adapted version from the original Turkish in my web-page.


It was dark and I lay in darkness
Then there was light from nowhere
Blue-brown eyes came to my rayless world
The glow lit up my dark life

Then suddenly, I was alone again
The darkness came visiting again
Someone forsake me at the cross
just when I thought that
my love was enough for both of us

I sent boxes filled with love
to the distant light
I kept waiting for my gift
in the dark cold night
It just let me down

As I walk back to my darkness
I don't find it hard
because the pain I got
Has been too real and bitter

Eyes, I still recall from the dark

Eyes, I thought were Noah's ark
The darkness is here
And I am afraid to enter
Look at me, Yo Blue-brown eyes!

Original: Selcuk 'KaraMaVi' in Turkish
Adapted: Sameer 'Blue-Brown' in English


Andrew said...

The poem is so well written and it seems to carry the poets message so well.

Great work.

Andrew, 34, New England

Ross said...

Chill. This is fab

Dr Anil K Jha said...

sonny, your friend has written a very good poem. As youngsters it is good to express yourself. The medium isn't very relevent these days but the message as andrew says gets through.
Kudos boys

Anjali said...

Hey sady,

Good to read you. There is too much that time cannot heal. but recording verses like these is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I like this poem

Selcuk said...

I am so happy that I have you Sam. Thank you so much for the English version of my poem. Thank you and as I always say "Wellwritten my friend :)"