Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Final dying moments of 2005. Like each year the year had its pits and hits. Inspirations and desperations. Tsunami entered our collective lexicon and so did I-pod. We wept and we cheered.
We do it each year. Don't we? Every day. This is the triumph of human spirit. We fall and we rise. We had the gruesome London bombings. Faced havoc in a devastating earthquake in Kashmir and Pakistan. Katrina struck the US gulf. Planes came crashing down. We still continue to live. The show, as they say, must go on. Humanity at its best.

I enjoy each year. Every new year is just the first day for me for another 365-day trip around the sun. I can't introspect. I can't remember in one sweeping moment the whole of the year by-gone. That is for the newspapers and television channels to cronicle. For internet to record for posterity. I am not an almanac. I am just happy. I'll have a little bash with chums tonight.

I met a wonderful friend in 2005. I got a couple of salary hikes in 2005. Got a new car in 2005. I have sobered down in the year petering away. I didn't indulge too much and I read a few very good works. Chanced upon a few incredible movies and continued to dream.

I wish 2006 is good for us all. I wish my friends love and peace. I wish all girls lotsa kisses.

For the next 12 months, 12 naive wishes:

May Bush continue to be stupid
May Manmohan Singh take India to new heights
May God completely forget about calamities
May BJP chaps fight it out among themselves
May we have more stings to expose the corrupt
May Amitabh get well soon
May we have more of Blacks and Brokebacks
May Osama declare truce and take to farming
May we have more sizzling girls around
May they find a cure for AIDS
May Vikram Seth write more books
May my coy friend continue to be beautiful!



Anjali said...

sam. you so beautiful yourself. Just a read at your website makes my day. Cant read a better summary of bye-bye 2005 anywhere.

Ronit said...

Hey, I checked on your blog because I wanted to read what you written on the new year asnd as ever: Superb, crisp words. Great. Happy new year to you friend

Sunny_babe_A said...

AS good as blogging can get. Every post is a masterpiece. I like your writing-style.

Joy said...

Wondurful words that wow u
keep u the pecker young man