Monday, December 05, 2005

And I went cold

The chill hit my eye
and pierced my jersey
I waited for the carriage
on a dark wintry night

The dulcet laughter won't go
nor would the sweet smell of thee
candied whispers reeled in my head
endlessly and in full circles

If I were my consort
I would travel to world's edge
just to see bee-two's back
ambling safely to thy abode

Alas... I tarried!
Lovelorn flutters in a loveless land
loving hopes in a hopeless dream
tender hollers in dead woods
coot sam calling out in vain

Why do I love
Why do I sigh
Why do I expect
Why do I muse

If I could fly like potter
I'd hover in the skies
and dance in the clouds
with angels and birds

And I won't shiver in cold!


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