Monday, December 26, 2005

When wishes come true!

This is what my friend confided in me sometime back; It is a thoughtful composition written in a beautiful verse a few years back. I don't know why they were etched:

I wish
You were not same as you are
you had not liked me that way
you were not a part of myself
you had not to finally go away
I wish I never meshed with you
and I were not so vulnerable
I never depended on you
and I were not so miserable
I wish
we didn't share things with each other
we didn't think our future together
we didn't listen to each other's silence
we didn't have to pass as cursed weather
but still
even if there's no "me" now nor there's any "you" left
an "us" still hides
somewhere amidst nothingness love-bereft
I know my wishes are not to come true
if possible you'll please try
to take as much of what you left
and take someday my breath away

And here's what I have to say to you friend:

I wish I had met you before
to know what love is like
to learn to love with eyes
to understand the meaning of silence
to fathom the pangs of seperation

I wish I had met you before
to latch onto your soul a little earlier
to save you the pain you've been through
to protect you from thorns and thistles
to clutch you when you needed a hand

I wish I had met you before
to cover you in those storms
to keep you warm on bitter nights
to be your shade in the glare
to hear to your heart's song

I wish I had met you before
to love you like no one else
to kiss your apple-pie neck
to hold you in my arms
to never ever let you go

I wish I had met you before
to never let you feel miserable
to always brush your tear away
to never allow you to be vulnerable
to laugh, to talk, to love you

I wish you live to see
the wishes coming true
to smile and never again cry
to say in hushed breaths
God, thank you, for this mad guy!



Jotika Oberoi said...

each day as I browse the internet, i chk ur blog. each time, thr is a new gem. This is beautiful poetry. Elegant. One word. Sheer-elegance.

Anjali Ayanger said...

Modesty they say is a fickle virtue. You call yourself mad. I think you rock. Betwn havn't a more intelligent guy like you.
Anjali, 22, Delhi

Anonymous said...

hey dude, beautiful, lovely poem. keep that up

Tom said...

thats a touching tribute dude. bravo

Anonymous said...

love you lots