Friday, December 23, 2005

Land of Queens n Kings

Think of me sometimes
As the oceans and mountains part us
And hold on to my rhymes
as flowers hold the truss
Ye are far and yet so near
Mingled in my tune
I would fly, if I had wings
to the land of queens and kings

To watch you over in the water;
the soft cadences of your laughter
I miss the blue and black of your eyes
that mellows hearts with all their vice

My affable little swain
Without you, it won't even rain
It is foggy and it is damp
I long for the distant lamp
How I miss ya



Joyita said...

For Gods sake, tell me. who is this beloved of urs,

Alec said...

Alec said:
Brilliant poetry of longing. Thats what makes literature so awsome. You wowed me.

Leera said...

Her sady,

ohoh-oh. That is superb poetry. I wish I had a poet like you to love me

Nisha said...

Your blog deserves all the credit and kudos. Two things I admire about your writings. You are crisp and poetic. Now that is rare these-days. Two - u are utterly romantic. Whoever ur beloved, this clearly moves me.