Thursday, December 15, 2005

For whom the bell tolls

It amuses me how intense can our collective interests get. I have been read over -- I mean my post -- by more than a hundred blokes since yesterday (my remote monitor informs me) and six chaps have been gracious enough to post their comments. There has been one common undercurrent running in the readers feedback -- Who is this friend of yours?? {Hey, folks I thought that was supposed to be private business}.

I cannot tell you who my soul-mate is. I respect the element of privacy. Frankly it is about us, not me only. I wish I could. However, I will leave a couple of clues -- thats all I can contrive to do -- for you to sort that out. A la Da Vinci code style. Hope you decipher the little riddle.

  • Mon ami -- that is my friend in French -- has the world's most beautiful eyes
  • And a quietness that gives nothing away: Nothing
  • Will innocently tell you dates of every meeting (keep that in mind)
  • Listens and listens like a former prime minister and speaks like a dove (
  • Likes to call me weirdo, madcap, stupid (anyone callin me that, you got'em)
  • Kid at heart, balanced in head and saccharine teeth (doesn't bite)
  • Difficult. I serenaded, cajoled, woo-ed like mad
  • Tells me won't marry me at all -- Not at Naigra falls, Canada or Navy Pier, California ( a tad un-romantic)

Happy cracking the code, folks. You can't I know!


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sean said...

give me sometime, I am running checks. I will break the code. but this is fun. love u