Monday, December 19, 2005

I Love Walking In The Rain Because Nobody Can See Me Crying!

It is cold outside. I just stepped out and found the day tenderly overcast. The fluffy, dark clouds look mournful. Mourning Summer, perhaps. Reminds me of NY. How I wish it rains now! I want God to be benevolent, however. I know when it rains, homeless folks, on the pavements and sidewalks of this huge city, shiver in cold. But I like rains, I like the feeling of getting wet. I cry -- at times -- in the godly shower because no body can see me crying.

Tears idle tears I know not what they mean
gather in the heart and rise to the eyes

I don't have a reason to cry. Still I do. My pals don't know this side of me. Most of the time, I make them laugh. In cafe's and clubs. At home and away. We joke and have fun. Like a jester -- a clown -- in some ancient king's court. Sam's brand of sharp, witty humour, they yell.

In private -- at times -- on dark evenings and rainy days, I sob. I cry for my mom. Her love. She should not have left me like this in a big, bad world. Unloved and unprotected. God, not fair!

I love strange and beauteous things. Like...people who don't love me. Birds. Trees. Rain. Sun-set. Snow. Books. Fish. Flowers. Dew. Friends. Twilight. Honesty. Life.

I dreamt a beautiful dream last night. I was on a carriage. It was going to a snow-land. It was fitted with lights and bells. It gallopped. To Kashmir. To NY. God knows. Santa waved to me on the way. I trundled on.

sameer bhat


Marthra said...

BEAUTIFUL. but dont be sad. i have never seen u young man but i read u and i know u must be beautiful. you write so soulfully.

Dr Anil Kr Jha MD Ranchi said...

Dear samir. I was looking up the blogs and chanced upon your webpage. You write very very good. This particular piece I liked a lot and I am book-marking you, right away. I think you will be noticed in the days to come. My vote for the most sensible online writing, that I have seen in a long, long time.
God bless beta!

Tanseer said...

Sam you are getting better day by day,your words in this article were so natural & beautiful,I'm touched, keep it up buddy!! Godbless Tanseer

Pragnya said...

honestly man...have never met a person who writes this beautifully!!! did not know that you had so much talent in you...amazing...
simply outstanding...

keep spelling the good words dear..
there are many who want and need to keep reading you...

All the luck..


Anonymous said...

Hi Samir,
Im constantly reading, on the Internet, basically any,thing with words anywhere. Anyways I just wanted to say this was beautiful.
Thank you,

Bijit said...

Hi Dude,
Somehow I gone thru your blog and I really liked this particular topic..... ur style of writing needs appreciation.

Good wishes mate :)

Mighty said...

Very touching...

anishek said...

I really dont know much about you... But i think something is common between us


Anonymous said...

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