Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I don't want to explain it because I don't know what it was! Like weeping after a long time stunned. Like drinking water after an ages thirst. I think it was Magical. Regal. Superb. How can one describe an ancient rhythm. Or the moon's waltz with fleeting clouds. Or a hummingbird's love-dance. These are surreal moments that make life more beautiful, more lovable.

It was a Kiss. They say soul meets soul on lovers lips. I reckon they -- whoever they are -- are right. I hadn't expected it but then we never expect to watch a shooting star. Or catch a gold-fish. Or fall in first-love. This is the exotic fragrance, of sweat, of hair, of mouths, of breaths that stays for ever.

Lovers intertwine. They grow on each other. That is called a Hug. It is different from a bear-hug. It has shades of ecstacy to it. Bits of longing. Oodles of joy to it. It was not even a bunny hug. It was a love-cuddle. A sweet embrace.

Then marks sprang on the skin. Plebians call them love-bites. I gave them. Deliberately. I hope the feeling has seeped in below the marks. I wish it mingles in the maroon -- rouge -- blood. It flows in someone's nerves now. I think I have a second heart that flutters in me, remembers the whispers, and adds to my entropy.

Do I need say more? I think many people read me here. I must stop in my tracks.

sameer bhat


Jyoyika Oberoi said...

Wow sam.
believe me. i havent read a better and more decent description of love-making.

Rohit said...

this is bad, u got to tell us who she was. this is keeping something curious and bad

Sean said...

Hi sam, sean here
for a few seconds I was lost in ur beautiful prose. wow. Superb description. superb with a capital S.

Sagarika said...

I agree with u samir. I think you got it bang right. I hate it when people reduce the beautiful feeling of kove-making to sleaze. Now this is elegenance exemplified. Hats off

sagarika said...

love, not kove, sorry

Adrain said...

Hey I read ur blog regularly. You write very well. I will like to you who your lover is or her name. if i am not being too personal