Tuesday, May 02, 2006

God, Put them to Sleep!

It doesn't get more disheartening than this. Thirty innocent people are slaughtered -- yet again -- in the forbidden mountains of Kashmir. Masked gunmen stormed a tiny hamlet and ask people out. Next moment a volley of bullets was showered on the petrified villages. In an instant thirty humans are cut to a swift, horrible death. In cold blood. Some people had to feign death to escape the marauders. They call it a freedom struggle. I think this is a violent struggle. Taken over by criminals and assassins. When you kill 6-year olds just because they have a different faith -- in this case Hindus -- you deserve to be called inhumans. Period.

I can't be an adjudicator sitting in plush ac-ed comfort -- in my space -- far from the action. It may well be intelligence sleuths.The government rarely knows about the serpentine games of these dreaded organizations. Whoever the culprits, I think we have long lost the right to be called civilised. That happened one wintry night about 17 years back. 1989. The first gun-shots in the beautiful, serene valleys of Kashmir were fired. The nightingales suddenly stopped chirpping. The tweedle was abruptly silenced. Overnight, the cherished Kashmiriyat went up in flames.

I was close to the grotesque events in Kashmir -- for some time -- and I could see first hand-- even at a tender age -- the futility of war. Tryst with a destiny that was not ours. A fortuity full of gore that was red. Red in runnels. Red skies. Red waters. Suddenly the famed band-pather (dances) gave away to abomination. For no rhyme. Bombs in markets full of people. Stray bullets hitting people in their homes. Sisters' running barefoot after their brothers' coffins. Old parents staring at their children's graves on their birthdays.

At times, I am glad that we left the bad tidings behind. Incidents such as yesterday's bring back the ugly reality of the senseless violence. Kashmir -- it seems -- has been completely stripped of its innocence. Or whatever remained of it!

Meantime an endless cycle of violence continues. It is both vicious and costly. It cost the bloodied paradise another 30 innocent souls last night. The killers are on prowl. Hope someone fixes the problem. I wish God puts the barbarians to sleep and they never walk to kill again.




hana, Iraq said...

It relects the horrible times we are in. Very very nicely put.

I can only sympathise with you.It the same here.


Sujata ray said...

When was the last time, I read such a touching account. Hmm....I cant remember????

You made me almost cry.

Sujata Ray, 41, Mumbai

Ken Snelson said...

I assume that is what happens when violence blinds us to human sufferings. I condemn the terrorists who carry out such crimes much as I hate the US foriegn policy that has led to what Hana from Iraq says in that war-torn country.

You've composed a very beautiful stub here.


Abhishek said...

Hi Sam,
Its very sad that happened yesterday. I have full sympathy with families who have lost there love ones.
I am not able to understand that why terrorist do it with innocent people.
I want to give a message to all terrorist gruops that if they think they have power to kill any innocent person then don't worry they will be get Same.
Because, God is watching all this and he will never allow any one to kill any innocent..

Oh God please help those who have lost there love n near ones..


Sazzia said...

Thats very naively put by Abhishek. But the violence must end.

Batool Naz said...

I fail to understand why is Kashmir -- at the center of the bloody turmoil. It is a beautiful place and there is a certain romanticism attached with the valley. I as an Indian have never been to Kashmir yet am deeply connected.

Btn..a very emotion-packed, beautiful write-up.


A.S.Thernum said...

If you ask me what I felt after reading your poinant account, I would say a deep lump in my throat.

Terror has to be defeated and bold, intelligent voices such as yours are needed.


Anonymous said...

KD Said

It's really inhumanity shown by the terrorist group, what they want to show international community by killing innocent people. what we call it jehaad, heroism, freedom fighter or bruture act. Terrorist group involved in such a hatefull act should be strictly punished.

We all r with the family of the innocent people who has has been killed.

Gisis Khajawi said...

Terror in any form is despicable. From Kashmir to Iraq. The terrorits are brain-washed and represent a perverted mindset. They must all be collectively condemned to hell.


Bushra, UAE said...

I am a practising Muslim. I have never come across a single instance in my 25 years where Islam teaches hatred or killing. Each chapter, each line of Quran tells you to be peaceful. Love your neighbour and respect other religions. I think those who kill are simply gone mad and they don't deserve to be Muslims(if they are so).

This is shameful and as you rightly said, barbaric.

Alec said...

We need more of Buhras with a more correct and less perverted understanding of their faith.

I agree with the lady.

Sam, as ever, a well chizzled write-up.

santanum said...

I think you have made a very relevant point. such incidents need to be condemned. I was reading news-papers and found the news very disturbing. But your account has thus far been far superior than what I read from papers. Guess you've experienced it first hand that is why you can write so confidently.