Monday, May 29, 2006

A very romantic rendezvous

I ask you to stand firm in your hope! Stand firm in your love! Amen!
Pope Benedict XVI in Krakow, Poland, Saturday May 27, 2006

I have always been a dreamy lad. Those white fluffy clouds in sleepless eyes. It makes me go bonkers at times and yet prods me to carry on amidst all the lovelessness. Impulsive and illusory. That has been my story thus far. I can’t seem to clearly remember when I mingled the delicate dash between infatuation and love in my mind. I’ve been flying too swift to notice that. Occasional gusts tossed me up in the sky but the flight didn’t end. It glided on. Till Saturday. I reckon, around the same time the celibate Ratzinger was visiting Poland and he said the words,” Stand firm in your love”. It stirred a magical cord in me. My bowels asked me to follow my heart. I was led to a dream.

My angel. Or was it a fairy. I have been thinking of this angel ever since I was a kid.

I dreamt a beautiful dream. I was transported to a surreal land. It was full of wonderful people with lovey-dovey eyes. I was suffused over by pure unadulterated love. Tomes of it. It made me realize that there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. I clearly rejoiced in the ceaseless love. Only a little laughter broke the spell sporadically.

It was hot. Heat of the plains. I could smell heat even in the brief, compendiary bits I slept. For the first time in my life, I loved the laconic spell of my sleep. God, how I love the feeling. How the countdown to our next reunion almost immediately triggered. Is it a bond? Is this what they call love? I donno. It was a dream, that is for sure. The beat that my heart misses every time the images flicker in my mind. Blue-blooded-elegance. The calm eyes. The emaciated feet. The purple glow in the brow.

Imagine raw sensuality. What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes as they say. The maxim haunted me since ages. It was right next to me in my dream. When Jhelum flowed into the Chinab river. When heat ceased to exist. When sweaty hugs felt better than a million perfumes. When I didn’t want the smells to go – perhaps for the first time in my life -- and did not use my expensive colognes in a long time. It was a cross between hope and love. Betwixt desire and longing. It felt like crying after a long time stunned. Drinking after a lifetime’s thirst.

There are times when you forget the bed. You also forget the pillow. You share the warmth. Despite the stingy harshness of the summer. You want to hide the relation in camouflage of the darkness. The shadows. There is a name hidden in the shadow of my soul, where I read it night and day. It is a feeling I will nestle in my little heart for long. A very special feeling. Like a bird who comes from cold hills and perches on top of my palm. And cooes most sweetly.

My alarm went off. The dream broke.
It is another day.



hardeep said...

Samer, you bastard. This is fuckingly good. You are a god or what?


Kumar Abinav, Mumbai said...

I've no words to say anything. At this level of super writing skills, one is humbled to say the least.

Good work.

Nadia, Kiev said...

I'm amazed at your English. You expressed the feeling so well.

Anonymous said...

Sam, cheers.

Thats superb.

anjali said...

Always mysterious sam.

Who's it!


Frank, Sweden said...

I think this is a marvellous piece. I book-marked you already.

Will come back to check you.


Sam's fan said...

Love u too sweety...

Sam's fan said...

this is not the first time I found myself lost in your world of words... this is exactly what I love about you...

Anjali or no Anjali, love you always!


wasy said...

"Sam F...... samy" This is amazing.

Oh! you made me remember the good old days when you would scrible in that brown Book and those copies were wonderfull... guss this is up there"
..Innocence unadulterated...


Hardeep Can you be bit polite. Thanks.

D. Gill said...

Dear Sameer,

This is the second or third time I checked your page. As an honest feedback I must inform you that your expression is phenomenal. The choice of words is extremely good and your language is also very advanced. I'd have been glad if you wrote equally passionately about social issues.

That is not to say that you don't have the right to write about love. I think it is the young blood in you but even then you write better than much that passses the eye these days.

Dr DS Gill, Bangalore

Samir Bhat said...

Hardeep: Thanks mate, I think you got a littlle carried away in your praise but thats okey.

Nadia and others: Thanks for your appreciation


Sam's fan and anonymous:
Guys -- or is it gals -- Plz declare yourself.


Dr Gill:
Many thanks sir, I value your comments. Albeit I must chip in that these feelings are very special to me.

WasY: are an inspiration.

Iftikar, MD, Srinagar said...

having known you personally for years, i think you are just what you've mentioned here:

I wish you get all that you dream of. You get the angels and hope your dreams come true.


Hanny, Pittsburg said...


If you keep blogging like this for more time, I am sure, I'll make it mandatory for my frinends to read you each morning.

Your posts kinda freshen me up.


Bharat, 25, New Delhi said...

SUPERB, raised to the power of 10. Thats how I will describe you here.

Subtle, delicate, never-going-overboard and yet so convincingly conveying the message.

A piece to be loved. I envy you.


mehak said...

I would have loved you to be more direct. That will enhance the appeal of your write-ups.

Nonetheless a gem. As always.