Thursday, June 01, 2006

Of Longing!

Distant eyes across nigh desires
Unruffled as the tempest grows
Like a robin as you skirl aloud
beats shake upon magical notes
Waffling loyality of your words
fills this heart on quiet dawns
Faint sharpness of thy skin
swims in my loving gaze
Images I carry back home
to lie awake with on dull nights
Eyes from God's own stock
least expressive but most endearing



Khalid said...

Nice lines. Very beautiful.

arvind subramanyam, 37, Chennai said...

Good poem. It is both raging and stimulating. I think u are a gifted guy.


Anjali said...

Is that your drawning done by your love?
Like kate in Titanic done by Dicaprio. hehe

Glad you called up last time.


Hanna, Cairo, Egypt said...

At one level, I think it is important to have a creative lad like you as lover. You simply know your soul. You also know how to etch these beautiful, powerful words, so that your beloved is eternalised for ever.

I am sure one day all these poems and pieces will be complied in a book and I'll be the first individual to buy it.

Hanna, 35, Egypt

Sahil, Delhi said...

Nice poem dude.

Arman, 25, New Delhi said...

soulful-sensual-sizzling poetry